frank the jock

  1. The Reagmaster


    Exodus Awards. 6th October 2016. A couple of thousand people are there. No big deal as the lonely video starts to play on screen with moments of the past year. These include The reunion of the K.O.W, Lukey vs Jay Sparks, Blake's rise to the top, Amazing H vs Des Pierson and of course, the...
  2. Aids Johnson

    TFA LD Starring Aidman Draine GramerNatzi, with guest star @Testify

    @Testify your mom gives a mean handjob. Let's watch this shit together and LD today, @Testify can even make the running if we align the times up. Forget RAW, i always double bag it when I'm spending time with Testify's mom. I know Rainman buddy fella guy will be around in an hour or two...