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  1. TomManfra

    Mike Tyson vs Brock Lensar

    Iron Mike is baaaaack!!! Training hard hitting the pads. Brock is always in shape. Mike is 53 5'10 71 inch reach Brock is 42 6'3 81 inch reach who would you pick in say a MMA fight between Brock and Tyson?
  2. mma meltdown

    Charlote Flair vs Cris Cyborg

    Recently Cris Cyborg posted tweets about Ronda Rousey & that she is really the baddest woman on the planet. Cyborg feels like she's better then Ronda and wants a shot at WWE. How do you feel about this? Ronda & Cyborg Really hate each other and Cyborg will do anything to get her hands on...
  3. garyp

    MMA Ronda Rousey's Enemies Collide! Cyborg vs Nunes

    Rumors say this fight is signed! Cyborg the baddest woman on the planet a women who many feel Ronda ran from vs Amanda Nunes the woman who wrecked Ronda & retired her from MMA are going to battle. Who wins Cyborg or Nunes?
  4. Tracey O

    Who wins Brock Lesnar or Anderson Silva?

    I know Brock is good but do you think he could crush Anderson Silva?
  5. Paulie G

    Brock Lesnar versus Frank Mir Part 3

    Brock Lost in the first fight but SMASHED Him in the 2nd fight... What would happen in the 3rd?