1. Solidus

    Game: Push 1, Fire 1

    We've played this game here before, but with lots of new wrestlers on the roster it's time to start again! It's simple, I'll post 2 wrestlers and you choose who to push and who to fire. Then, you post 2 wrestlers for the next member. Let's go! Bray Wyatt & Samoa Joe
  2. Solidus

    Game: Screw WWE

    A continuation of this thread by Crayo. So I'll start... Push Big Show
  3. R

    Games WWEF Game League

    The WWEF game league is very simple, no Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or whatever Nintendo has for online is needed. We have 4 different categories (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and PC) Each platform is given a game and a free-to-play game for those who don't have the game listed, if you don't have...