1. S

    Game: Push 1, Fire 1

    We've played this game here before, but with lots of new wrestlers on the roster it's time to start again! It's simple, I'll post 2 wrestlers and you choose who to push and who to fire. Then, you post 2 wrestlers for the next member. Let's go! Bray Wyatt & Samoa Joe
  2. S

    Game: Screw WWE

    A continuation of this thread by Crayo. So I'll start... Push Big Show
  3. E.A. Roadster

    Games WWEF Game League

    The WWEF game league is very simple, no Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or whatever Nintendo has for online is needed. We have 4 different categories (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and PC) Each platform is given a game and a free-to-play game for those who don't have the game listed, if you don't have...