1. Geese

    Games Chikara Video Game

    A CHIKARA: Action Arcade video game is coming out and is $13.49. According to Jeremy Peeples, "It revels in Chikara's brand of wrestling, which is hard work, wacky characters, and a lot of supernatural elements blended in with comedy. "...
  2. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Dishonored 2

    For those who aren't familiar Dishonored is a first-person stealth-action game published by Bethesda and Developed by Arkane Studios. Dishonored 2 released early last month to positive reviews. The game takes place 15 years after the first introducing a new playable character, a new villain, and...
  3. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Paragon

    Paragon Paragon is a third-person(ish) Moba created by Epic games that has been free to play since march of this year. It's available on PC and PS4 and's free, completely free. Free is nice. I would assume the game play is very similar to that of other Moba's (this is my first so I...
  4. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Ni-oh Discussion Thread

    You like the soul crushing difficulty of Dark Souls? Do you also like feudal Japan and or Samurai shit--anime in general? well do I have the game for you... So the Beta came out like a week ago and I downloaded it and I had a good time. The best way to describe this game is that it's Dark...
  5. RedDwarfTechy

    News Microsoft Windows 10 Briefing Tidbits

    Microsoft held their Windows 10 briefing this past week so figured I'd put up a thread recapping the good / interesting bits. Microsoft HoloLens Have you guys seen this? It's set to come out during the Windows 10 lifespan (Windows 10 release is scheduled for mid 2015). The media that was at...
  6. RedDwarfTechy

    Games The Sale Thread

    Figured i'd make a thread where we post sales and stuff we come across (kinda like cheapassgamers but we stick to just this thread.) GOG has a sale up right now. Press Release