1. Aztecwarrior480

    Why did everyone hate The Undertaker's American Badass/Big Evil/Biker gimmick?

    I can understand people hating on The Undertaker's American Badass gimmick from 2000-2001 since The Undertaker was out of shape and not as great of a performer at the time but once The Undertaker started feuding with Ric Flair for Wrestlemania X8 and Brock Lesnar from Unforgiven 2002 - No Mercy...
  2. Jon

    Can you think of HORRIBLE WWE Gimmicks

    So one gimmick that would be horrible would be someone going out into the ring and steal someonesn gimmick (Not Dolph Ziggler) like if it is SOMEONE Vs AJ Styles then USER would come out with his entrance use his moves and moveset and basically be like them kinda like Ditto from Pokemon
  3. Aztecwarrior480

    Is there a WWE wrestler you were entertained by that can't wrestle worth crap but has...

    a very entertaining gimmick, body physique and stature? As god-awful bad as The Great Khali was in the ring(as far as wrestling skills go), I'll admit, I still found his dominating monsterous heel gimmick(during 2006-2008) and his intimidating presence to be entertaining.
  4. S

    Heel or Face? (Game)

    Simple game. I'll post the name of a wrestler, the next post will say if they prefer them as heel or face, and then post a wrestler of their own. Ready? :woo: HHH