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    Kevin Nash vs Goldberg WCW Starrcade 1998 Classic Match Review

    Kevin Nash vs Goldberg WCW Starrcade 1998 Be Kind, Rewind Classic Match Review
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    WrestleMania WWE WrestleMania 33 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    PRIZES Winner: $23 (and counting, increase the pot!) via PayPal, 3 months Legend membership, $1500 forum cash Runner-up: 1 month Legend membership, $1000 forum cash 3rd place: $500 forum cash MORE ON WRESTLEMANIA 33 WrestleMania 33 Live Discussion WrestleMania 33 Betting WrestleMania Bingo
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    Fastlane What will be the match of the night?

    Looking over the match card there will be some pretty decent match-ups, even if the story lines have been quite mediocre to say the least. I would normally say that Kevin Owens will put on a great match but the way things are looking, with Goldberg being so old now and not being able to...
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    Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble 2017 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    (1 forum post required!) Prizes Winner - $25 via PayPal & $1000 forum cash Runner up - $500 forum cash More on the Royal Rumble at WWE Forums... Royal Rumble 2017 Live Discussion What spots can you see happening? Who do you want to see in the Royal Rumble match? Who will be the Ironman of the...
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    Royal Rumble 5 Wrestlers Most Likely To Win The Royal Rumble

    I am making this a separate thread because I want to hear your thoughts on this one. This is my favorite PPV and has always been. I enjoy the huge match and not knowing who will be coming out next. This is essentially my BIG PPV of the year, where most people have Wrestlemania. So for the top 5...
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    Roadblock Brock Lesnar's Return? Maybe Goldberg?

    Since the next major PPV will be the Royal Rumble, the presence of the Beast is expected at Roadblock. Since the match between Brock and Goldberg, there has been hardly any mention of either which makes one think this is how they tend to have surprise return at a PPV. Do you expect Brock to...
  8. Aztecwarrior480

    Survivor Series How do you feel about the match results of Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg WMXX rematch at Survivor Series?

    Honestly, it was what I expected. Another disappointment. The match was way too short with only 3-5 moves executed the entire match and they made Brock Lesnar look like a completely weak jobber in this match, even after all the epic wins he had for the past couple of years and ended the...
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    Survivor Series Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar

    What do you think of this match? When do you think it will happen? I'm not aware of any announcements about which PPV this match will happen, but I think WrestleMania makes the most sense, if they can keep us interested for that long. Personally, I am really hyped for this. Always loved Goldberg...
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    SPOILER! Rate Raw 10/17/2016

    Rate this week's Raw in our poll and leave your comments below!
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    Who has the most devastating spear?

  12. SmackChat-Luke

    SmackChat: Who should beat Brock Lesnar clean?

    Article hosted at Since long ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and my mum still wanted me to call and let her know I was okay, Brock Lesnar has been an absolute beast. Now, I’m not talking beast as in some form of wild animal, oh no. In the context of Brock Lesnar, I mean...
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    Clash of Champions Here we go again...

    "Of all the names making rounds in WWE's rumor mill this year, the biggest is Bill Goldberg. The superstar had been a legendary icon in sports entertainment, and at the ripe age of 49, he still keeps himself in good shape. More than his physical fitness, his choice to appear on the WWE 2K17...
  14. Joseph86

    Top 12 WWE Dream Matches That Happened Only Once

    Top 12 WWE Dream Matches That Happened Only Once
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    SummerSlam Goldberg At SummerSlam 2016?

    "There was already some speculation that Goldberg could make a WWE return when the company made him a bonus character in their latest video game, and the latest news will only add fuel to that fire. The former WWE wrestler will reportedly be in New York City this upcoming weekend, with...
  16. Joseph86

    13 Wrestlers Crushed By Vince McMahon - Wrestlers Vince Hated The Most

    Throughout his run as the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon has seen his fair share of ups and downs. Former wrestlers have either loved McMahon like a father, or despised the way he did business with them. Despite some of the displeasures, McMahon has managed to keep a close relationship with...
  17. Aztecwarrior480

    Would you consider Goldberg to be an overrated wrestler with high pop but limited skills who was...

    pushed to the moon by WCW and WWE or do you think he's a great wrestler who may have possibly had some wrestling skills that he neglected? Many wrestling fans I knew felt that they like Goldberg strictly for his unstoppable wrestling gimmick but felt that he had poor wrestling skills and seems...