1. Solidus

    Buying a group

    You can buy your own group on the Account Upgrade Page. There are 3 options: Basic: Just a private group with members of your choosing Plus: Also choose custom banner icon and section color Ultra: Moderator permissions enabled for group owners
  2. Solidus

    Add a user to your group

    Now that the old groups are back, adding users to your group must be done a little differently. For now, you must fill out the following, Username of member to add: To group: Myself or @Solid Snake will add the user to the group. Thank you.
  3. Solidus

    Conversation Enhancements

    There's more goodies! When you go to your inbox page, you'll see 3 new links in the navigation: Prefixes and Auto Response are self explanatory. Groups allow you to create groups of members to PM them all easier. You can see I made a "mods" group here: So when creating a new message, I...