hall of fame

  1. wrestlingtracks

    Remembering Bobby Heenan

  2. Aztecwarrior480

    Do you think the following wrestlers should be inducted into the WWE HoF very soon?

    List: The Undertaker - Obvious pick. He'll most likely retire right now and get a HoF induction next year. Rey Mysterio - Once Mysterio is done with Lucha Underground, it'd be nice for him to make a WWE comeback for a HoF induction. Mysterio has quite an impressive pro wrestling resume that...
  3. RedDwarfTechy

    Future Hall of Fame Headliners

    So watching the HoF made me think. Who all of the current WWE Roster do you think will be headlining the Hall of Fame in their respective years. I am sure almost 90% of them will be in HoF one point or another, but I mean like Kurt, who all are capable of headlining? And another bonus thought -...
  4. Muhammad Jawad

    WrestleMania-32: Who Win this Title

    1) Triple-H 2) Roman Reigns 3) Brock Lesnar 4) The UnderTaker
  5. E.A. Roadster

    Hall of Fame: August 2014

    WWEF Hall of Fame is proud to induct....