1. Just Kevin

    Rumor How long before Steph turns on Mick?

    So how long will it be before it's revealed that Steph had knowledge of HHH's interference on RAW a couple weeks back and her and Mick have a feud.. a match between, possibly Seth and KO (rematch), with full control of RAW on the line? We all know it's coming. I'm guessing it'll be the night...
  2. Joseph86

    TRIPLE H as Santa Claus??? Serioulsy?

    Guys , I was going through an article about Boiler Room Brawl's matches in WWE. In the following link , it states " Triple H as "Santa Claus" defeated Mankind after interference from The Mean Street Posse and The New Age Outlaws who were all dressed as Santa " Boiler Room Brawl Did it really...
  3. Joseph86

    10 Ways WWE Should Book Seth Rollins’ Return

    10 Ways WWE Should Book Seth Rollins’ Return
  4. Neptune

    WrestleMania You Think HHH Is Worried?

    I was thinking about this... And Brock always puts on a good match no matter who he faces. Well, he is going up against Ambrose who I honestly believe will try anything crazy to have an amazing match. Not to mention in a street fight to boot. With all this going on, you think HHH is worried...
  5. Joseph86

    13 Wrestlers Crushed By Vince McMahon - Wrestlers Vince Hated The Most

    Throughout his run as the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon has seen his fair share of ups and downs. Former wrestlers have either loved McMahon like a father, or despised the way he did business with them. Despite some of the displeasures, McMahon has managed to keep a close relationship with...
  6. Aztecwarrior480

    Do you remember the match between Triple H and Chris Benoit on an episode of Raw in Feb. 2005?

    If you skip to 5:14, you'll notice the scary face that Benoit makes after getting hit in the back of the head HARD by HHH. The first time I saw that as a kid, it scared the hell out of me because I thought Benoit was having a severe seizure or something. Do you think there might have been...
  7. CM Punk

    SPOILER! Big Angle Planned For Tonight's RAW?

    - We noted a few weeks back that there was talk within WWE of doing a major angle on the first RAW of 2015 to kick-off the WrestleMania 31 season. At last word, there were still plans to do a big angle on tonight's show. There's been no word at all on what that angle could be but for what it's...