1. Swift

    Meet the Man Who Started the Illuminati

    The 18th-century German thinker Adam Weishaupt would have been stunned if he had known his ideas would one day fuel global conspiracy theories, and inspire best-selling novels and blockbuster films. Until he was 36, the vast majority of his compatriots would have been equally stunned to...
  2. Swift

    EU warns Israel’s NGO law harms democracy

    The European Commission is concerned that the newly-passed Israeli law aimed at foreign-funded NGOs could undermine democracy and free speech. A major Israeli rights group pledged to appeal the law, which the opposition leader called “budding fascism.” full article - EU warns Israel’s NGO law...
  3. Swift

    News Micheal Jackson's disturbing collection

    Micheal Jackson had a huge collection of sick material depicting naked teenage boys, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and child torture according to a never before seen police report. Sickening pictures of naked teen boys, child torture and animal sacrifice found at Michael...
  4. Donald Trump_

    News Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes

  5. Swift

    News UN panel 'rules in Julian Assange's favour'

    A UN panel has ruled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been "arbitrarily detained", the BBC understands. Mr Assange took refuge in London's Ecuadorian embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over sex assault claims, which he denies. He earlier tweeted he would accept arrest if the...
  6. Swift

    ''EARTH is FLAT! 100% PROOF!'' (silly vid)

    @Aids Johnson @Neptune
  7. Swift

    Clock-bomb boy Ahmed Mohamed "a hoaxer and a huckster"

    Pretty old news by now but still. Literally everything is bullshit, all the time. @Neptune
  8. Swift

    Music Halloween musick

    Post some good 'ween songs here.
  9. J

    News Did the Illuminati kill JFK?

    JFK makes several references to a secret society. This was one of his final speeches before his tragic death.
  10. Just Kevin

    TV Mr. Pickles, the Satanic Dog

    Did anyone see this new show on Adult Swim? It's gained a bunch of criticism for all the Satanic and Illuminati symbols and references. Watch the 1st episode below.. What do you guys think of this?
  11. Swift

    Other 90 Percent of Wiretaps Are Listening Out For Drug Deals

    If you're worried about being wiretapped you can probably rest easy—unless you're talking about narcotics. Because that's what a staggering 90 percent of taps are listening out for. A new Administrative Office of US Courts report revealed that wiretaps hits an all-time high in 2013. That's not...
  12. Dolph'sZiggler

    holy fucking shitballs

    I spilled some damn ice earlier and was like fuck it ill clean it up later so I get back and the ice had been replaced by a bunch of individual puddles of water Idk man it's like big brother is watching me. #illuminati
  13. Swift

    NASA Will Send Your Messages To Aliens Into Outer Space

    I know of you won't read, so I'll just post this cool little excerpt. ''People from around the world will be able to submit their images and vote on those that should be included in the final message. Lomberg and others will exercise editorial control to ensure that no inappropriate materials...
  14. Swift

    Conspiracy theory? Half of Americans believe them, research shows

    If you’ve ever doubted any sort of official narrative, then you’re far from alone: experts say that more than half of the people in the United States believe in at least one so-called conspiracy theory. Recent studies suggest that around 50 percent of the American populations subscribes to at...
  15. Swift

    A massive and illegal geoengineering project has been detected off Canada's west coast

    A private company backed by a controversial U.S. businessman has unilaterally conducted the world's most significant geoengineering project to date. Russ George, in conjunction with a First Nations village on Haida Gwaii, has dumped around 100 tonnes of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean in a...
  16. Swift

    Humans Are Driving Animals To Extinction At A Shocking Rate

    Fossil and genetic evidence tell us that animals have been going extinct since long before the existence of modern humans – but how might extinction rates differ if humans suddenly ceased to exist? A recently updated calculation suggests the rate of die-offs would be lower. Much, much lower...
  17. Swift

    The NSA Collects Millions of Faces From Email, Texts, and More

    Not only is the NSA interested in all your email and text messages, it would love to know exactly what you look like. The New York Times reports that the agency has been using new facial recognition software to tap into millions of images in emails, texts messages, video-conferences, and even...
  18. Swift

    The House Science Committee Declares The IPCC Report Is Not Science

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report warned that more intense droughts and heat waves will cause famine and water shortages. But, don't worry! Yesterday, the GOP held a hearing to tell us the IPCC is, in fact, a global conspiracy to control our lives and "redistribute...
  19. Swift

    A Rain of Grasshoppers in New Mexico

    For three nights running, the satellite radar near Albuquerque has been spiking with higher reflectivity as the sun goes down. This usually indicates rain, but it hasn't correlated properly with the few sunset showers. So, what is it? Swarms of grasshoppers. Full article -...
  20. Swift

    Research center or weather weapon? US military is shutting down HAARP

    Adepts of conspiracy theories might well take a deep breath: the HAARP program could be dismantled as soon as this summer, so from now on a tornado destroying your house will be a mere whirlwind, not a DARPA prank. Or will it? The Air Force is said to be getting ready to wave their last...