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  1. E.A. Roadster

    Impact [SPOILER] Big star debuting soon

    Big news. Suzuki getting his big tour of the US. I'm unsure of the boost for Impact, but certainly getting eyes on their product is beneficial.
  2. Geese

    NJPW lost its US TV deal because they refused to work with Impact

    NJPW lost its US TV deal a year early because Anthem offered them an ultimatum: have a working relationship with Impact Wrestling (i.e. NJPW wrestlers compete on Impact's show) or lose their TV deal on AXS. NJPW refused and their TV deal was yanked...
  3. white crow

    News Impact! 23rd August 2019. - California

    1th Match ONE ON ONE: Rhino vs Michael Elgin Match Result: Double Countout Match Rating: 3.1 Stars PROMO: Elgin & Rhino 2nd Match TAG TEAM MATCH: The North(C) vs Reno Scum(Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend); Impact World Tag Team Championship Match Result: Title Deffense; The North...
  4. white crow

    News Impact! 16th August 2019. - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    1st Match ONE ON ONE: Moose vs Fallah Bahh Match Result: Moose Wins via Pinfall Match Rating: 3.7 Stars PROMO: Tessa Blanchard & Tommy Dreamer 2nd Match KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM MATCH: Jordynne Grace & Alexia Nicole vs Madison Rayne & Kiera Hogan Match Result: Rayne Pins Nicole; Rayne &...
  5. Matthew Dennis

    Tag Team Apocalypto

    A few years ago at Total Nonstop Deletion a match happened that peaked my interest. The Hardys invited tag teams to the Hardy Compound to compete in tag team apocalypto. They are now back in the WWE but it makes me curios with tag team wrestling booming across the globe if you could have anyone...
  6. S

    News EC3 & Bobby Lashley Returning to WWE?

    Both Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III have been standouts for Impact Wrestling, but according to, they are each on the cusp of a return to WWE. ‘The expectation is that Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III will leave when their contracts are up, and one or both will end up...
  7. Impactsona

    Impact Rate Impact! 26/10/17

  8. The Reagmaster

    WrestleMania Wrestlemania Bingo

    I have had this literally planned this out since Royal Rumble, lol. So to inject some excitement into the biggest show of the year, I will be making Bingo Cards for the event! Literally just signup here and maybe a week before Mania or something, When all of the matches are announced for the...
  9. DangerousDancingDan

    Playstation MY Cover for if WWE Buys TNA/Impact Wrestling

    Now It's your job to put the roster together for this fan-made Game!
  10. wrestlingtracks

    Other My Interview with Allie Parker

  11. wrestlingtracks

    WWE Cruiserweight Classic Rant

  12. wrestlingtracks

    Impact MY TNA Impact RANT

    Yes i understand TNA and pop tv had technical issues but this was a outrage that pop tv could of shown a ppv or atleast a movie so fans could wait for the Tuesday night impact if anything happens with tna its because of this and the ratings dropped due to this situation and pop tv or tna could...
  13. Stopspot

    Impact Weekly TNA Impact Discussion Thread

    Thursday nights @ 8/7c on POP Use this thread to discuss the weekly going ons on Impact Wrestling. Use it as a live discussion when the show airs or to discuss tidbits about the show that you do not feel justify a thread of its own. Carry on.
  14. CM Punk

    News Friday Night Impact - New Night & New Logo

    - TNA Impact Wrestling will be airing on Friday nights on Destination America in 2015. Below is the official press release and new logo: DESTINATION AMERICA PINS DOWN DEBUT DATE FOR IMPACT WRESTLING (Silver Spring, Md.) – Brace for IMPACT! Destination America iskicking-off the New Year as the...
  15. GrammarNazi82

    IMPACT Discussion: August 7

    August 7, 2014 New York City Manhattan Center Who plans to be here this week? Let's make it another great LD!