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    Other Indy Darling David Ali challenges Marty Scurll in a match for the Committed To Wrestling Title

    So yesterday we had Committed To Wrestling Champion on the show and while on the show and Suddenly David Ali said " he wants to face Bullet club Member The Villain Marty" Scurll" do you think he has a shot at Beating Scrull?
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    News Is Indy Wrestling becomin better than TV Wrestling

    So this week we did a crossover episode with wrestle talk and we disscuse a Current debate on is Indy wrestling the new Boom than Modern day tv wrestling
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    Other The Nightmare Grim - Independent Pro Wrestler Interview

  4. Richard Ruiz


    Checkout this past year's ECWA Super 8 Chick Fight Tournament (Match line up includes) First Round Match's - Deonna Purrazzo vs Allie Recks - Skylar Marie vs Kaitlin Diamond - Karen Q vs Christie Marie - Santana Garrett vs Samantha Heights ECWA Unified Heavyweight Championship Match - Bobby...
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    News Flosports announces five year agreement to stream all WWNlive events

    FloSports Announces Five-Year Agreement With WWNLive To Live Stream All Events on So this is what all those ominious tweets were about yesterday and the speculation was almost spot on but instead of the WWE Network streaming this content it's a new streaming service. BUT apparently...
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    Other My Interview with Allie Parker

  7. Joseph86

    Guys !!! Who is " Eric Darkside " ?

    Guys, anybody aware of Eric Darkside from " The Crew " Surprised to know that Dean Ambrose is a part of it. Crew « Stables Database « CAGEMATCH - The Internet Wrestling Database
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    UWS comes to Brighton, MI

    Underground Wrestling Society returns for its second show on March 26th! 7 Matches already signed. Detroit Street Fight- Austin Manix VS Orlando Christopher Hakim Zane VS Gavin Quinn Mojo McQueen VS Bryan Bowers The Scarbonis VS Jaimy Coxx and Mikey Smalls El Mano del Diablo VS "Amazing"...
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    Other What's your viewpoint on Independent Wrestling matches in general, like this intergender match...

    for example? My viewpoint on this match for example, is very poor and heavily botched. I'm not too bothered by the fact that it's an intergender match involving a man beating a woman up, I'm bothered by the poor booking and how the male wrestler horribly botched his chairshot and...