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    News Is Indy Wrestling becomin better than TV Wrestling

    So this week we did a crossover episode with wrestle talk and we disscuse a Current debate on is Indy wrestling the new Boom than Modern day tv wrestling
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    Other My Interview with Allie Parker

  3. U

    UWS comes to Brighton, MI

    Underground Wrestling Society returns for its second show on March 26th! 7 Matches already signed. Detroit Street Fight- Austin Manix VS Orlando Christopher Hakim Zane VS Gavin Quinn Mojo McQueen VS Bryan Bowers The Scarbonis VS Jaimy Coxx and Mikey Smalls El Mano del Diablo VS "Amazing"...

    Puro Classic match thread

    Great stiff match from Michinoku pro a few years back. Feel free to post you own classic favs.