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    News Is Indy Wrestling becomin better than TV Wrestling

    So this week we did a crossover episode with wrestle talk and we disscuse a Current debate on is Indy wrestling the new Boom than Modern day tv wrestling
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    Other My Interview with Allie Parker

  3. U

    UWS comes to Brighton, MI

    Underground Wrestling Society returns for its second show on March 26th! 7 Matches already signed. Detroit Street Fight- Austin Manix VS Orlando Christopher Hakim Zane VS Gavin Quinn Mojo McQueen VS Bryan Bowers The Scarbonis VS Jaimy Coxx and Mikey Smalls El Mano del Diablo VS "Amazing"...
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    Puro Classic match thread

    Great stiff match from Michinoku pro a few years back. Feel free to post you own classic favs.