1. GangstaSheen

    Hello i'm new here.

    Hi, been watching WWE since january 2005, enjoyed watching Eddie Guerrero and Undertaker, i'm here to share my limited knowledge of wrestling with all of you and to try and have a good time.
  2. P


    Greetings from italy, i'm Marco - 28yo! I'm a huge WWE Fan from almost 20 years and i want to share my passion with all of you! Sorry for my bad english btw :(
  3. tundraman69

    Hey All Y'all

    Nice to meet ya, Thought I'd sign up for something to do during the long boring work day - been a WWF/NWA/WCW fan since about 1990 so I've seen a few things - I hope you're a nice bunch and not wanting to bunker bomb me into the posts right away :)