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    Elias & Bobby Roode sings Sweet Child O' Mine - WWE Live Turin 2018

    Just PUSH THIS GUY! I love him so much, he speak italian during this Live Event. Obviously "All has ended well." (with a Glorious DDT)
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    Greetings from italy, i'm Marco - 28yo! I'm a huge WWE Fan from almost 20 years and i want to share my passion with all of you! Sorry for my bad english btw :(
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    The Tomb Of Vlad Dracula May Have Been Found In Italy

    Estonian researchers believe the remains of Vlad III — aka Vlad the Impaler and the inspiration for Dracula — are buried in a church in Naples, Italy. But to prove it they may have to open his tomb — which sounds like an extraordinarily bad idea. Vlad III was a prince of Wallachia who lived...