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  1. J

    Jake The Snake Offers Flair Help

    Jake "The Snake" Roberts did an interview with The Wrestling Estate to promote his one-man show in Philly on Saturday. Roberts talked about being six-and-a-half years sober, and finding a new high in helping people currently going through addiction. When asked if he had spoken with Ric Flair...
  2. B

    If Jake the Snake Roberts would ever have wrestled with his Pet Python Lucifer, who would have won?

    Hi, I must admit at first that I'm not a real expert at Wrestling. But I wonder, if Jake the Snake Roberts would ever had a match with his Pet Python Lucifer, who would have won this match. So what do you think: Would Jake Roberts had stand a chance against his Python in a Wrestling Match? And...
  3. Gormon Wrestling

    Bray Wyatt vs Jake the Snake Roberts Fantasy Match

    Countdown to Wrestlemania... Who would dominate in this psychological warfare??
  4. Nero_x3

    News Jake Roberts in Critical Condition at Hospital

    As of right now, Jake Roberts is at a Las Vegas hospital unconscious. According to Raj Giri of WrestleINC, Roberts was flying to an event but passed out on the plane. He was taken to a nearby hospital and it is being reported to be a double pneumonia, as his lungs have fluid in them and he has a...