1. Jon

    Rumor Chris Jericho leaks Wrestlemania plans

    Chris Jericho was live streaming on Instagram and said "He will not be in the Royal Rumble" Chris Jericho then says "even if I was back in time for wrestlemania where would I be booked because they probably have Roman Vs Lesnar, Braun Vs Triple H and Cena Vs Undertaker and what I will be in the...
  2. Neptune

    WrestleMania No AJ or Jericho at WrestleMania?

    Anyone noticed that neither of them are on the match card? WTH!? AJ Styles should be at mania what the heck are they doing!?
  3. Swift

    Chris Jericho ranting

    Maybe some of you marks have heard this rant already but damn, I loved it. @Aids Johnson