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  1. wresttler223

    John Cena's Wife Has Huge Boobs

    I stumbled upon this and am shocked to see how big her breasts are
  2. Geese

    Rumor Cena didn't want the WWE to sign AJ Styles

    John Cena was against WWE signing TNA talent AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, and James Storm. Arn had a conversation with Cena where he felt the show was getting "stale" and wanted to sign these guys to "freshen" up the roster. During that time, Cena was hot and had backstage pull. Cena said we don't...
  3. KShehzad

    News The Week in Wrestling: WWE Still a Big Part of John Cena’s Future Plans.

    John Cena “Contemplating” What’s Next. John Cena is returning to weekly television. The WWE icon is the new host of Nickelodeon’s Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, which premiered this week and airs next Monday at 7 p.m. ET. Monday night television is Cena’s expertise, having made his longtime...
  4. InsaneAlphaBeta

    Rumor John Cena has already moved on from Nikki Bella?

    So ive been following/watching WrestleTalk for awhile, i think Oli Davis and Luke Owen are actually pretty decent people and they just uploaded this video not long ago, and i figured i would share this video with yall. I never really watched much of Total Bellas but from the little bit i saw...
  5. S

    WrestleMania John Cena vs.... Rey?

    This is a rumor right now so take it with a grain of salt, but word out on the street is that John Cena and Rey Mysterio will be having a match at WM34. There are several people covering this right now so just google it for different takes on the rumor. How do you feel about this? Is it a...
  6. J

    Best Brock Lesnar Match Since 2012 Return?

    I came across this podcast where the hosts discuss what are some of the better matches Brock Lesnar has had since he came back from UFC, and I thought it was an interesting question. Thoughts? Podcast Link below, it's worth listening to
  7. S

    John Cena vs Ford 2018 Main Event!

    The news bot already announced the match of 2018 And I for one and THRILLED! Not only will Brock and Roman Sh**steigns be pushed to the pre-show but JOHN CENA IS MAIN EVENTING 2018! Grab your duckets and place your bets! WHO WILL WIN THIS EPIC SHOWDOWN!? Vote who you think will win and how it...
  8. S

    WrestleMania Undertaker vs Cena...

    So let us assume this is going to happen. We will have one last Undertaker match... again. Let us also assume it will be John Cena vs Undertaker. This will be his official final match. With that being said... How would you like this to be booked? How do you expect it to be booked? I think...
  9. S

    Survivor Series So the rumor was true...

    We are looking at John Cena as being the guest ref for the main event of Survivor Series. How do you guys feel about this? Does it make the match more or less interesting? Also, go to the Facebook post and blow up the poster... See anything interesting? I want to see who spots it.
  10. Shayon

    How much more ridiculous can Vince McMahon make Roman look?

    At this past Sunday's No Mercy PPV, John Cena and Roman Reigns faced each other in what was called as a Wrestlemania 'dream' match. According to me, the match underdelivered, and what annoyed me to the core was that, in this 22 minute match, Vince McMahon's corporately created John Cena version...
  11. S

    Rumor Undertaker vs John Cena at WrestleMania 34?

    "At WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida, The Undertaker seemingly retired after losing to Roman Reigns. Following the loss, the Undertaker ceremonially disrobed, leaving his hat, gloves, and trench coat in the middle of the ring before descending into smoke from the ramp. Although this was...
  12. S

    No Mercy Undertaker... Return?

    So there is a rumor floating around that Undertaker is going to return one last time to give everyone the match they wanted which is The Undertaker vs John Cena for his last match at Wrestlemania. This is a rumor and it is based on him being in the ring prior to Summerslam starting as well as...
  13. El Curry

    Thoughts on the Roman Reigns & John Cena segment?

    I just wanted to gage everyone's thoughts on the segment between Reigns and Cena on RAW? Shit got pretty real.
  14. S

    No Mercy “Free Agent” John Cena

    There is a bit of a rumor going around that John Cena will face off with Roman Reigns but it is also speculated that it may be Samoa Joe as well. I am not sure if this will end up being the case, might end in a triple threat for all we know. What do you think will come of Cena's match? Who...
  15. Jon

    Rumor Why Baron Corbin failed to cash in his MITB

    So I have heard from WrestletalkTV on YouTube that Baron failed to cash in because John Cena was burying Baron Corbin on the mic, but I think it is to hype up John Cena Vs Baron Corbin and some might want John Cena because they want Baron Corbin to be buried, but John Cena said since he buried...
  16. Fair Fight Wrestling

    Who should John Cena face at SummerSlam?

    Let me know who YOU think John Cena should face at SummerSlam!
  17. S

    WrestleMania John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse

    What can we really expect from this match? Will it be good? Does Miz and Maryse have even a slither of a chance of winning? This match goes 2 ways... 1) Cena/Bella win and Cena proposes marriage 2) Cena/Bella win and Cena doesn't propose marriage I'd love for Miz to win, but :supercena:
  18. S

    Elimination Chamber WWE Championship EC Match Predictions

    Who do you think will be in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship? I think we will see AJ Styles without a doubt... Then Bray, Miz, and Corbin. I am not sure who the 5th will be just yet. I am honestly confused on this whole thing. I mean if they want to be super predictable...
  19. ¡Tranquilo!

    Royal Rumble Cena, Styles and the Road to WrestleMania.

    A picture leaked like yesterday or so potentially spoiling the Royal Rumble for Smackdown Live. Aj Styles and John Cena are to fight once more in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Elimination Chamber: This kinda calls into question more than just the WWE championship feud but like the entire RtWM...
  20. Joseph86

    17 Times WWE Fans Cheered The Heels And Booed The Babyfaces

    17 Times WWE Fans Cheered The Heels And Booed The Babyfaces