1. white crow

    Wrestler Rating Series #4 - Kane

    When it comes to Kane, the things I admire about him mostly circle around character work. In that field he is amazing, in my opinion way better than the Undertaker. He was an attraction most of his career because of decent gimmicks, presence and solid charisma. Both masked and unmasked Kane were...
  2. S

    Royal Rumble Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman vs Kane

    Thoughts on this match? Standard Lesnar win I think. Kane and Strowman fight each other for 75% of the match, Brock dominates for 3 minutes and pins Kane. How else can it go? Strowman will look like a monster of course, they must protect him.
  3. S

    TLC Thoughts on the 3-on-5 Handicap TLC match?

    What are your thoughts on the match? How do you feel about Kane returning and being a part of this?
  4. 20X20


    :roode: :yes: THIS ALONE made the ENTIRE SHOW for me! With all the talk of how he's running for mayor and all that jazz, and then thinking of how he is in the way latter years of his run, I had no idea he'd show up, or that we'd even see him again any time soon! I love the Big Red Machine...
  5. Fair Fight Wrestling

    Kane & Abel

    Welcome to Fair Fight – a Christian blog for wrestling fans. Before you raise the people’s eyebrow in confusion, yes, that is a thing. At least now it is. This concept came to me overtime after realizing how many Biblical references have been used over the years in wrestling storylines. It is...
  6. RedDwarfTechy

    How would you book Kane's one last run!

    So this is the scenario, you have one WWE year (so WM to WM) How would you book Kane's one last run? Would you make him a champion? Would you have him falter? Would you make him come #OUTTANOWHERE or have a slow burn? My idea is pretty much, RAW after WM, Roman Reigns is champion, after he...
  7. S

    Wonder where Kane has been?

    "You likely haven’t thought about it until just now, but Kane hasn’t been seen on WWE television since November of last year, when he decisively won a mini-feud against Luke Harper. He was dealing with some injuries at the time, but there’s a bigger story for why he has stayed off television...
  8. Joseph86

    7 Occasions Where WWE Killed Their Wrestlers Or Their Employees For The Sake Of Storyline

    7 Occasions Where WWE Killed Their Wrestlers Or Their Employees For The Sake Of Storyline
  9. Joseph86

    Top 15 Disgusting Incidents in WWE History

    " Top 15 Disgusting Incidents in WWE History "
  10. S

    Hell in a Cell Seth Rollins vs Kane

    So who's gonna win this one? Who do you want to win? I think Seth is gonna win via DQ, but I want Kane to win. It'll be nice to see Kane as champion for a couple months. What's your thoughts?
  11. S

    Do you want Kane to be WWE Champion?

    I feel like Kane is very hit and miss with people, so the question is simple. Do you want Kane to have a WWE WHC run? Vote on the poll and leave a comment with reasons if you like. I vote yes. Kane is my all time favorite and though he may not be as strong or scary has early 2000s Kane, I still...
  12. S

    SPOILER! Rate Raw September 21st 2015

    Results: Wyatt Family open the show. Reigns comes down for a fight, followed by Ambrose & Randy Orton. The 3 of them send the Wyatts out the ring. Kane is backstage w/ Seth Rollins, tells him he has a rematch with John Cena tonight for the US Title. Neville & Lucha Dragons defeats Cosmic...
  13. CM Punk

    When did they start calling Kane "The Demon"

    What the title says. I don't think it sounds fitting for him. "The Big Red Monster" or "The Big Red Machine" fits him wayyy better than this shit. The Demon sounds random as fuck and he still got owned by "God" Cena. This thread is very BLFFL'ish, my bad.