1. Phil

    Edge 2006 Boots logo

    Hey everyone, I've only just joined, I've had a read through the rules and stuff but don't really use forums, so if this is in the wrong place please let me know, I'm hoping someone can help me, I'm desperately trying to re-create edge's NYR06 attire, but cannot find a high-res logo from his...
  2. S


    Click the TLC logo to play!
  3. CM Punk

    News Friday Night Impact - New Night & New Logo

    - TNA Impact Wrestling will be airing on Friday nights on Destination America in 2015. Below is the official press release and new logo: DESTINATION AMERICA PINS DOWN DEBUT DATE FOR IMPACT WRESTLING (Silver Spring, Md.) – Brace for IMPACT! Destination America iskicking-off the New Year as the...