luke harper

  1. InsaneAlphaBeta

    Rumor WWE Extending Luke Harpers Contract

    Ever since AEW became a thing that exists, it seems WWE have been on edge and is doing whatever it can to make sure superstars dont leave, with them only letting people go if they arent too important, however what they are doing to both Luke Harper and possibly Sasha Banks, is down right...
  2. WWESpongefan

    Lost Soul, Now Found

    (I have a few other WWE stories. This one isn't completely new, but isn't really related to any other story. I was sort of inspired to write this story from chapter 15 of Sister of The Shield. It is kind of a backstory for Bray Wyatt, and the Story of Sister Abigail. The only difference is...
  3. CM Punk

    The Wyatt's Entrance