1. The Reagmaster


    Exodus Awards. 6th October 2016. A couple of thousand people are there. No big deal as the lonely video starts to play on screen with moments of the past year. These include The reunion of the K.O.W, Lukey vs Jay Sparks, Blake's rise to the top, Amazing H vs Des Pierson and of course, the...
  2. LukeTheGreatFTW

    Kayfabe Lad Of Steel: Dawn Of Dropkick

    *After a commercial break a vignette of Lukey is shown. Lukey is seen on top of a giant hill, looking over the night lighting in a city. He begins to speak* Lukey: This has been my dream ever since I got here. I had set out big ambitions and dreams. Just as big as this hill I'm standing on. I...
  3. LukeTheGreatFTW

    The DropKickKing Of The Block.

    Hola mis amigos. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Luke as you can see. I've been a fan of the Rasslin since 5 years of age. I'm a gamer, WWE mark and a bit of a meme here and there. I mean I'm calling myself the DropKickKing for crying out loud. I'm from that other place a lot of people...