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    It is okay to touch Mars?

    Vsauce has an incredible ability to get me thinking, and topics like this are ones I love the most. Give it a watch, you won't regret it. Question. Assuming we colonize Mars in the 2030s as planned, would you consider visiting or even living there?
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    News NASA: Unexpected discovery on Mars may revolutionize planet’s history

    Scientists have come across tridymite, a fully unexpected mineral recently found on Mars which promises to explain how the planet evolved and gives hope to determine whether there was water on the Red Planet at some point. “Analyzing data from an X-ray diffraction instrument on the rover that...
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    China plans to land rover on Mars by 2020

    China is planning to land a rover on Mars by 2020 and bring back samples from the Red Planet a decade later, according to a top scientist with the country’s Lunar Exploration Program. The Mars probe will be launching an orbiter and a landing rover, Ouyang Ziyuan of the Chinese Academy of...