1. Maryse Productions

    Maryse Returning to the Ring

    I am a big Maryse fan, I can admit that she is not the best wrestler but she is good and I think she does better when selling the opponents moves. On her return I had mixed feeling about it first because I know that wwe will not make her a strong competitor and most likely use her as being a...
  2. S

    WrestleMania John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse

    What can we really expect from this match? Will it be good? Does Miz and Maryse have even a slither of a chance of winning? This match goes 2 ways... 1) Cena/Bella win and Cena proposes marriage 2) Cena/Bella win and Cena doesn't propose marriage I'd love for Miz to win, but :supercena:
  3. Messiah

    Nikki Bella's Title Reign Appreciation Thread

    I think it's time we start celebrating Nikki's long ass title reign, and soon to become the longest reigning Divas Champion ever.. I know what ya'll are thinking, she's still 30+ days from beating that record. Nikki Bella is going to cruise through SummerSlam and become the longest reigning...