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  1. Geese

    News Matt Hardy could be AEW bound

    The article states, "according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Lords of Pain, he could be one of two superstars set to join All Elite Wrestling in the near future." And it notes, "a rumor has been floating around which states Hardy will be the mystery leader of AEW's Dark Order...
  2. Jon

    Rumor Vince Mcmahon likes Matt Hardy's Broken/Woken Character

    So Vince Mcmahon likes the Broken/Woken character of Matt Hardy and gave him creative control of it and WWE is using Woken so they can trademark that and since Matt Hardy owns the rights to the Broken Character if he did leave WWE again he can go back to his Broken Character without any problems...
  3. S

    Favorite "Broken" Quotes?

    What are some of your favorite quotes by Broken Matt Hardy?
  4. S

    #Woken (Matt Hardy Thread)

    I figured I would just make a thread for everything going on right now. We can discuss his Broken Woken gimmick here as it unveils too. It has begun.
  5. S

    So they finally did it...

    If you didn't watch RAW yet then this will be considered a spoiler for ya. If you care about spoilers, stop reading here. So we all know Jeff is injured. Not sure what this means for him but... I want to take a minute here and point out that Matt Hardy is using "Woken" and not "Broken". He...
  6. ¡Tranquilo!

    News "Broken" gimmick deal made between Hardy's and Anthem

    Inside the battle between the Hardys’ ‘Broken’ gimmick 50% of all revenue? Nah fam.
  7. Joseph86

    WWE's Final Decission On Broken Gimmick

    WWE's Final Decision On Broken Gimmick
  8. ¡Tranquilo!

    Impact Final Deletion: Hardy Vs. Hardy.

    I'm really not sure if this is the best or worst thing ever. Like...what? But I gotta give props to Matt Hardy for being as creative as he is making all this shit possible. I honestly think the Hardy's saved TNA this year with this Broken Matt storyline. It got people talking about TNA.
  9. Farooq

    Other Matt Hardy GoFundMe

    Didn't think Matt was in this bad of a condition, he really needs help.