mick foley

  1. The Phenom

    Gimmick Wars #2:Mick Foley (Phenom Edition)

    The Three Faces of Foley: Mankind: (Debuted in 1996 WWF)- A mentally deranged schizophrenic who constantly squealed (even throughout his matches), shrieked "Mommy!", spoke to a rat named George, enjoyed pain, physically abused himself (such as by pulling out his hair), wore a mask and lived in...
  2. Just Kevin

    Rumor How long before Steph turns on Mick?

    So how long will it be before it's revealed that Steph had knowledge of HHH's interference on RAW a couple weeks back and her and Mick have a feud.. a match between, possibly Seth and KO (rematch), with full control of RAW on the line? We all know it's coming. I'm guessing it'll be the night...
  3. Pantry

    Mankind Music Sample

  4. Neptune

    WrestleMania Two Legends and One Stable COULD Interfere

    It is being rumored that two legends and one stable could interfere on the street match of one Ambrose and one Brock. While this is just a rumor, it is possible for it to happen. TLDR : The Wyatts, Mick Foley, Terry Funk
  5. Neptune

    WrestleMania Should Mick be a ref for Undertaker vs Shane?

    Saw this in an article and thought it would be interesting. I mean, I don't think the match needs anymore hype around it. Shane wrestling again is a lot. What do you think?
  6. Neptune

    WrestleMania 5 "Scheduled" Legends for WM

    The Rock (confirmed) Mick Foley (questionable) Ric Flair (very likely) Shawn Michaels (questionable) Stone Cold Steve Austin (very likely) So yeah, there are a few very likely's, one confirmed, and 2 that people are assuming. Who do you think will show? I mean this is based on what we know...
  7. C.M. Shaddix

    News Mick Foley's last Raw?

    It's been indicated that Foley has not been happy the past few months with WWE, actually he has for a while, but it's now being reported Foley might stop watching Raw after tonight's show unless things don't start shaping up. Tonight’s Raw May Be Mick Foley’s Last As A WWE Fan Foley also...