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    Games Play Minecraft - Survival - Creative - Skyblock | play.m1ne.net

    IP: play.m1ne.net Whitelist enabled! Leave your Minecraft username below to be whitelisted! >>> View the live map <<< FEATURES Enhanced Survival. Additional physics, mobs, and items such as grappling hooks and enhanced crafting benches with custom recipes. Much more difficult! Pets. Capture...
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    Games WWE Forums Minecraft (Join: PLAY.WWEFORUMS.NET)

    JOIN: PLAY.WWEFORUMS.NET WWEF Craft is a simple survival server with no PvP and grief prevention. Useful commands /sethome - sets your home /home - teleports you home /spawn - takes you to spawn /tpa - request to teleport to a player /tpahere - request a player to teleport to you /tpaccept -...
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    WWEF Minecraft Server - Any interest?

    Just wanna know if it's worth the effort to get up and running.
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    Games Microsoft to buy Mojang

    The Swedish independent video game developer, Mojang will be purchased by Microsoft for the price of 2.5 billion dollars. The company was founded in mid 2009 and is most famous for being the people behind the popular game titled "Minecraft" by 30 year old Markus Persson or known to other people...