1. DickthrBruiser

    News Crazy like a lunatic he is back

    The long awaited return of Dean Ambrose has finally happened. He is one of toughest, least subject to pain wrestlers to return! The man doesn't fit a certain mold or have a hold that is a weak spot, he just keeps coming at you. Like a Matt Bourne the movie character, the harder the stakes the...
  2. bullyballmm

    Elimination Chamber Elimination Chamber 2009: Can It Be Repeated Again This Year?

    First, let me throwback to my favourite Elimination Chamber PPV of all time, No Way Out 2009. Here's the final match: And now I ask this: if the WWE were to repeat this spot (a wrestler attacking a confirmed entrant to take their place in the EC match), a) What match do you think would be more...