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  1. Matthew Dennis

    Roman Reigns IC Title Open Challenge

    Its already rumored that Neville will be the first to take on Roman tomorrow night but who else should step up to the plate. I have 5 people i think should step up and challenge Roman and win. I really dont want another title held hostage until after Mania. Enjoy and let me know who you think...
  2. wrestlingtracks

    SPOILER! Raw 12/19/2016 review

  3. wrestlingtracks

    SPOILER! RAW December 12th Review

  4. Shayon

    What must be the ingredients of a five-star match?

    I've been checking on all the 5 star matches of the past decade, and i've found out, to my utter surprise, that according to the great Dave Meltzer, WWE in it's full illustrious history, has had only 5 five star matches! More surprisingly, only one in the last 16 years! Even, HBK vs Taker at WM...
  5. ¡Tranquilo!

    What hour should the Cruiserweights be featured?

    Waiting until the third hour when the crowd is just well over dead on a good night to showcase the Cruiserweight division doesn't do them any favors. The cruiserweights need to get time earlier in the show. Opening the show probably isn't an option but they should have their own 15-30 minutes...
  6. Wwe Entertainment

    Wwe Dead Wrestlers And How They Died

    Top 10 destructive wrestlers who died under 40
  7. ¡Tranquilo!

    News Draft rules revealed.

    Draft rules revealed: Everything you need to know about the WWE Draft The article has a full roster list. The last two rules are interesting, guess that means Enzo and Cass won't be seperated after all unless some shenanigans ensue which I'm sure they will. Six picks from NXT?...Bálor and...
  8. wrestlingtracks

    fourth of july rant

  9. Joseph86

    Big Names Returning For Tonight' RAW ?

    Daniel Bryan, Shane McMahon, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are expected to return. Just read online... If they are indeed showing up, I would love to see shane and taker face to face confrontation
  10. Sobiru

    Did Roman Regins make a mistake on Monday Night Raw July 13th show?

    So talking about Monday Night Raw July 13th show, we had an Ambrose Vs. Wyatt match. When Wyatt's entrance was finished and the lights came back on, you could see Roman Reigns is running behind him. I couldn't help but think about he was supposed to be standing behind him already, while it was...
  11. E.A. Roadster

    SPOILER! Rate RAW 10/13/14

    Vote above and give your thoughts below.
  12. ThunderdUp35

    5 WWE Superstars Who Could Fill The Void Left By CM Punk

    CM Punk has finally let the cat out of the bag regarding his status with WWE. In a recent interview with the Red Eye Chicago, Punk stated that he considers himself retired from the business which may signal that he may never wrestle again. His status in WWE was up in the air since his departure...