1. M

    Music Thoughts on this music website?

    Chords for grandson - Despicable @ Guitaa for Guitar, piano, keyboard and ukulele
  2. M

    Still need help for a scientific survey about WWE.

    Hello Guys, I still need your help for a scientific survey about the WWE Superstars! For my master thesis I´m making a survey about the emotional effect of the WWE-Superstar´s entrance music and need some participants. Here is the link to th survey:
  3. bullyballmm

    Games Piano Covers

  4. King Of Armageddon


  5. S

    What song was #1 when you were born?

    Go here: search results or Birthday No #1 Enter your DOB and let us know what song was #1 in the charts the day you were born. Mine: Adamski - Killer Never heard of it, or him. :oak:
  6. rayneq04

    Best WWE Theme Songs!

    Helloo everybody! So I've recently made a video about Best WWE Theme Songs of all time! (aka my favorites xD) let me know what are yours!! cheers!
  7. The Phenom

    Who's Your Favorite Rapper/Music Artist?

    I personally listen to all forms of music from Rap, Hip-Hop,Country, Reggae to Rock and oh I love R&B joints ....... basically if it's a nice song with good lyrics or message behind it I will listen to it regardless the genre. I would have to say tho my favorite is Rap! Any rap fans on the...
  8. Pantry

    Mankind Music Sample

  9. Impactsona

    Music WWEF Room (Mods needed)

    WWEForums | Listen to music with other WWEF members. Play Music, Like or Dislike, and etc. Join in and Chill out to music and chat. RULES No song longer than 6 minutes. Music only no other videos. Anything breaking forum rules will lead to a day ban on the 1st breaking of the...
  10. DK James

    Music Hip-Hop Thread

    There's really nothing I enjoy more on this planet than Hip-Hop music. I enjoy talking bout Hip-Hop music especially, so lets do that. Old school, new school, don't matter.
  11. Donald Trump_

    News Is Rap the New WWE?

    Stiches, and The Game have been in a beef for some time, and now Stitches is being managed by Game's manager.