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    WWE Raw 9/3/18 Full Show Review & Results

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    News Was Chris Benoit Murder Suicide really Murder?

    So we are Developing are New season for Wrestling tracks Season 6 and We came to wonder after Hearing a rumor from a friend in Criminal Investigation podcast About Investigation Discovery Making a Special on was Chris Benoit Death really a Murder? now Many don't know But the IID Channel has had...
  3. InsaneAlphaBeta

    ROH/NJPW Announce G1 Supercard in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN

    (EDIT: Seeing as how this announcement involves both ROH and NJPW i wasnt sure were to put it, seeing as it involves both companeys, i ended up picking this one, but in all honesty in could fit either one.) Im amazed nobody has made any threads about this, because this is huge news! The story...
  4. Swift

    News Random news

    Post any interesting news articles or videos you come across in this thread.
  5. Crithu

    News Enzo Amore Fired

    Enzo Amore has been suspended due to a recent rape accusation. WWE Statement: "WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault. Until this matter is resolved, Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore) has been suspended." You can read the story as well as the women's tweet...
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    News SD live 7/25/217 podcast

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    News WWE Raw 07/17/2017 - Highlights & Review Podcast

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    News week of wrestling 7/5/2017

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    News Raw Podcast review 6/19

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    week of wrestling 6/9/2017

    tna india and raw were the only 2 things i loved this week
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    week of wrestling 4/16/2017

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    My Thoughts on RAW 2/13/2017

  13. Swift

    News Authorities warn of testicle-biting fish

    FOX NEWS - Jaws may not be the only one salivating as you splash. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, a cousin of the piranha reported to go after swimmer's testicles has been found in coastal waters between Sweden and Denmark. And fish experts are warning locals to stay...
  14. MrEdzhuks

    News Paige suspended

    okayyy:adr:What have these 2 been up to? It's her birthday btw
  15. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Xbox Outsells Playstation

    Xbox One sales jump 75% following Xbox One S release I don't have a 4k anything, hell I don't even really know what 4k is! I just like playing video games lol. But that's the biggest selling point for the new wave of consoles coming and the reason the Xbone slim is doing well. Good for...
  16. Swift

    News Turkish military declares martial law

    As military units patrolled the streets and seized key bridges, the Turkish military declared martial law Friday and said in a statement read out on Turkish television that it had "fully seized control" of the country...
  17. Swift

    News Bees Dying At Alarming Rate In US

    Bees are dying at alarming rate in the USA. About 60 percent of colonies dying off in Pennsylvania, while a record 44 percent of bee colonies were lost nationally. This could or most probably will impact on food supply. Every flower needs it, so every piece of fruit. But bees in Pennsylvania and...
  18. Swift

    News 1st 'true' anti-aging drug seeks human subjects

    A promising compound which has been shown to significantly slow the aging process in mice might be tried on humans as early as next month, scientists say. If the trials work out well it would be the first genuine anti-aging drug to appear on the markets. 1st 'true' anti-aging drug seeks human...
  19. Swift

    News NASA: Unexpected discovery on Mars may revolutionize planet’s history

    Scientists have come across tridymite, a fully unexpected mineral recently found on Mars which promises to explain how the planet evolved and gives hope to determine whether there was water on the Red Planet at some point. “Analyzing data from an X-ray diffraction instrument on the rover that...
  20. S

    News Video: Child falls into gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati zoo - Gorilla shot dead

    Full story Madness.