night of champions

  1. Trip in the Head

    Night of Champions WWEF 2015 NoC Predictions Contest

    @Solidus knows the prizes Go here to vote: WWEF 2015 Night of Champions prediction contest Good luck and have fun!
  2. edge4ever

    Night of Champions Sting vs. Seth Rollins

    So folks, Who's going to win this one now that it's official as of smackdown? Will Seth pin sting? Get DQ? Interference? What will happen? Please give your thoughts. Personally, I see Rollins getting DQ which will prompt a rematch. If not, triple h will cause Rollins to win.
  3. S

    Night of Champions Possible Night of Champions matches

    So what can we expect to see at NOC this year? I'm thinking... Rollins vs Sting Reigns vs Braun Stownman Ambrose vs Luke Harper Ziggler vs Rusev (yawn) What else?
  4. Jonathan

    Night of Champions Night of Champions Predictions Contest

    Enter here > First prize: $10k forum cash & predictions award Second prize: $5k forum cash Third prize: $3k forum cash Good luck @Solidus will we ever get the prediction award back?
  5. ShaRpY HaRdY

    Night of Champions Mark Henry or Rusev?

    In the battle of big bad asses who do you think is going to win this match and why do you think that person is going to win this match at Night of Champions? Personally I got Rusev winning it, I don't believe Mark Henry will be the one to end the momentum that Rusev currently has..
  6. ShaRpY HaRdY

    News Dean Ambrose return update

    So I've been hearing some buzz about Dean Ambrose and his return date, there was a decent bit of speculation that he was going to show up at Night of Champions after previously being advertised for the show. However Bridgestone Arena is no longer being listed in the advertisement for that...
  7. S

    Night of Champions Poll: Cena/Lesnar at NoC

    Vote for who you'd like to win. This poll will appear in the sidebar on the forum index, something fun I thought of.