1. Geese

    Lance Archer's future with NJPW is uncertain

    Lance Archer's future with NJPW is uncertain as he's on a tour-to-tour deal with the company and not under a contract. He was interviewed: "As of right now, I don't have an annual style contract. I've just been a tour-by-tour guy for eight and a half years."...
  2. Geese

    NJPW lost its US TV deal because they refused to work with Impact

    NJPW lost its US TV deal a year early because Anthem offered them an ultimatum: have a working relationship with Impact Wrestling (i.e. NJPW wrestlers compete on Impact's show) or lose their TV deal on AXS. NJPW refused and their TV deal was yanked...
  3. Geese

    Rumor Harold Meij addresses Kenny Omega ban rumors

    NJPW President Harold Meij has addressed the rumors circulating that NJPW has tried to get Kenny Omega banned from wrestling in Japan for a decade: "There was some unbelievable rumors New Japan Pro Wrestling tried to prevent Kenny Omega from entering Japan, but there was no reason why a company...
  4. The Sheik

    AEW Fight for the Fallen or NJPW G1?

    There's a couple big shows this weekend with AEW and NJPW. What shows are people looking forward to the most? I'm a casual viewer of NJPW and I don't know jack shit about the G1, but I plan on watching it as much as I can over the next month.
  5. InsaneAlphaBeta

    ROH/NJPW Announce G1 Supercard in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN

    (EDIT: Seeing as how this announcement involves both ROH and NJPW i wasnt sure were to put it, seeing as it involves both companeys, i ended up picking this one, but in all honesty in could fit either one.) Im amazed nobody has made any threads about this, because this is huge news! The story...
  6. Matthew Dennis

    Tag Team Apocalypto

    A few years ago at Total Nonstop Deletion a match happened that peaked my interest. The Hardys invited tag teams to the Hardy Compound to compete in tag team apocalypto. They are now back in the WWE but it makes me curios with tag team wrestling booming across the globe if you could have anyone...
  7. Matthew Dennis

    Jericho vs Omega: universal shift

    Jericho vs Omega is bigger than alot of us know. This could be a shift in the wrestling industry and change everything Omega vs Jericho: A Universal Shift
  8. El Curry

    Understanding NJPW Promos?

    I recently subscribed to NJPW World and began watching NJPW! I was wondering how any English viewers go about understand the promos from the NJPW wrestlers? I obviously understand the in-ring story and I have the English commentators, but once it heads backstage for post match interviews or in...
  9. El Curry

    Chris Jericho challenges Kenny Omega to a match at Wrestle Kingdom 12

    Holy SHIT
  10. ¡Tranquilo!

    Build a faction.

    A thing I saw on reddit like a week ago. Basically create a stable with: 1 WWE superstar 1 NXT Talent 1 Guy/girl from ROH, PWG,ect... 1 New Japan talent.
  11. Jon

    Is Wrestling dead?

    I don't think it is dead just because WWE gets 3 million viewers on Raw and 2.5 million on Smackdown doesn't mean it is dead since we have independent wrestling like ROH, NJPW, and many more wrestling companies. Now ROH gets an approximately 420,000 viewers while TNA/GFW get around 600,000...
  12. wrestlingtracks

    News Pro wrestling world news

  13. ¡Tranquilo!

    IWGP U.S. Championship revealed.

    This is the prize of US G1 tournament. I guess this event will kick off an NJPW touring brand here. I'm pretty interested to see who they crown as the inaugural US champ, I'm thinking Juice Robinson. As for the belt itself I'm just not a fan of the red straps anymore. The gold plates look bad...
  14. ¡Tranquilo!

    Ring of Honor Bullet Club's new Villain.

    For Context: Don't watch ROH but this was cool. I guess Cole is going to NXT? How do you think Marty will do in NJPW?
  15. wrestlingtracks

    week of wrestling 4/16/2017

  16. Aztecwarrior480

    If you were to aspire to become a pro wrestler in the future, would you prefer to wrestler under...

    WWE or NJPW? As nice as it looks to work for the WWE as a pro wrestler under their contract, it doesn't sound like it's really all sunshine and rainbows considering the amount of backstage bullying that goes on in the WWE, along with a very rigorous work schedule for WWE wrestlers, traveling...
  17. wrestlingtracks

    News My thoughts on this weeks Wrestling moments

  18. wrestlingtracks

    News my thoughts on this weeks wwe

  19. W

    Xbox New WWE 2k17 Universe Mode Series

    Tired of the same predictable programming each week from WWE? Pissed off because the superstars who deserve to be pushed never get one? Tired of Roman Reigns? Well we have the videos for you! Come check out our new WWE Universe Mode Story collection for fresh content, interesting storylines, and...
  20. ¡Tranquilo!

    Could WWE pull off a NJPW style faction system?

    Aside from the wrestling the one thing I appreciate about NJPW is how they handle their factions. Just about most of wrestlers belong to one and yet it isn't their entire gimmick. They're mostly independent coming together when necessary like well organized wrestler unions. Probably not the best...