no pg era

  1. Jon

    Rumor Why WWE is still PG

    Now this is just my input on why they are still PG. So The only reason why WWE is PG is one for the kids to watch and two because there is not much competition and Vince doesn't think TNA/GFW is competition so if there was competition they will most likely turn the WWE into Attitude Era 2.0 and...
  2. DangerousDancingDan

    Dangerous Wrestling Federation

    Dangerous Wrestling Federation (ATTITUDE ERA TYPE STORIES) Championships Titles: DWF Heavyweight Championship DWF Hardcore Championship DWF X-Division DWF Knockout DWF Diva Tag Team DWF Tag Team Monday: WCW Roster: Tuesday: WWE Roster: Alberto DelRio Alex Riley Cesaro Big E Big Show Brock...