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  1. RedDwarfTechy

    Games The Far Cry 5 Discussion Thread

    It's so close I can finally taste the slaughter of the racist american cult villains! Any of you getting it? I am really keen because for the first time ever the ENTIRE campaign is Co-Op able which is awesome news. There's also the fact that it's always been a series that goes from strength to...
  2. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Star Wars Battlefront II Thread

    The multiplayer open beta is currently going on till the 9th. Anyone here checking that out and wanna squad up? I'm on PC and the game apparently looks beautiful, can't wait to jump in later today! Tagging the gaming squad! @Solidus @Solid Snake @Botchie
  3. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Fallout 1 Free on Steam

    Till midnight of 30th September, you can pick up this classic RPG for free! If you haven't played it yet it's a very strong entry into the series and a true classic! Definitely gonna be playing this soon!
  4. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Your most anticipated game of 2017

    So I was wondering, which would be the game you all are most excited to play and can't wait to get your hands on in 2017! For me its... It's a clear winner with Read Ded Redemption 2. I hate rockstar and what they stand for but I love that series. Tops my list wiithout a doubt! What about you?
  5. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Nier: Automata.

    Nier Automata is an action RPG out for PS4 and PC that takes place in a post apocalyptic world where Humans seek to take back Earth from alien robots. Instead of fighting themselves, they make hot waifu Androids do all the work. I..I love this game. It's so damn fun, the ONLY complaint I have...
  6. RedDwarfTechy

    Games The List of RedDwarfTechy

    I was posting on the Rocket League thread and I realized I have a list and a very untapped resource of what I should get when it comes to games I buy / play after I build my PC. So right now, the list is pretty simple but I am hoping to have a pretty big list thanks to all your help. List of...
  7. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Dishonored 2

    For those who aren't familiar Dishonored is a first-person stealth-action game published by Bethesda and Developed by Arkane Studios. Dishonored 2 released early last month to positive reviews. The game takes place 15 years after the first introducing a new playable character, a new villain, and...
  8. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Paragon

    Paragon Paragon is a third-person(ish) Moba created by Epic games that has been free to play since march of this year. It's available on PC and PS4 and again...it's free, completely free. Free is nice. I would assume the game play is very similar to that of other Moba's (this is my first so I...
  9. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games SOULSBORNE Discussion Thread.

    A Thread to discuss any of these games. Currently making my way through Bloodborne dont know if i'll ever get around to any three of the DarkSouls games though.
  10. S

    Games PC Gaming & Steam Thread

    Share your Steam name and games you play if you like. Suggestions would also be kewl :xanth: Steam ID: xs9yrt4 What I play (or have downloaded at least): RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Castle Crashers Fistful of Frags Team Fortress 2 Battleblock Theater (awesome game, especially for co-op) Whatchu got?