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    Games Pokemon Mainline Games Tier List

    Create a Pokemon Mainline Games Tier List Mine:
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    Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: TEAM SUBMISSION

    Enter your team for PSL Season 2 here! Team name format: [City/State Name] <Pokemon name> - Example: Montana Medichams Copy the form below and add your information. Team Name: Team Logo:
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    Games What would you like to see in the next Pokemon game?

    This is for those who actively play the games. I am referring to the ones that were on the 3DS/2DS. As we know, Ultra Sun and Moon will be the last of the Pokemon series on handheld Nintendo systems which means they are doing away with the systems completely. So the next one will be on the...
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    Games Pokemon Sun & Moon Member Journals

    Document your Pokemon Sun & Moon journey in this thread! Tell us about Pokemon you've caught, items you've found and general progress. To kick things off... which starter are you choosing? I am choosing...
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    Forum Game If Users Were Pokemon...

    This is simple. Just name a Pokemon and put a picture for reference to what the person above you would be... if he/she was a Pokemon. I obviously can't start this thing so... @deth take your best shot :tough:
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    Create a funny Pokemon card

    Use pokecard.net to create a Pokemon card about any member or anyone at all! Be creative and funny :austin2: @deth
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    Games Pokemon: Most Wanted Mega Evolutions

    With the release on Pokemon Sun & Moon later this year, which mega evolutions do you hope will be introduced? For me, I'd love mega Arcanine. Mega Dragonite Mega Flygon and a bunch of other not-so-good Pokemon should get them too, it'll make them more viable. Clawitzer, Qwilfish...
  8. Swift

    Games Pokemon Sun & Moon

    For those of you that may have missed it
  9. VanillaCoke

    Games Pokemon Showdown Battle Association Team REGISTRATION

    This is a league for pokemon battlers to battle in, based off of the GBA. First we draft pokemon from a certain format: Tier1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 3 Tier 4 Mega Free Free Free Free Free For the frees, they can be anything in your budget of 1000$. Teir 1 is 180$ Tier 2 is 140$ Tier 3 is 100$ Tier...
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    Games Pokemon GO

    Thoughts? I'm not sure yet, need to see more.
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    Games Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

    Anyone else want to get the upcoming Pokemon game(s)? Gen 3 is by far the best in my opinion and I've been waiting for a remake for so long. I'll be getting Ruby because Groudon > Kyogre