1. RedDwarfTechy

    Kayfabe Owning up

    The camera scans the crowd that's cheering at the start of the show, the titantron and the screens showing off the Exodus logo before it all goes dark and the music hits. When the music picks up, Wolfman saunters out, his hoodie hiding his face as he walks to the middle of the stage, a mic in...
  2. SmoothCriminal

    Kayfabe An introduction.

    * The stage is set, the camera starts rolling and then Trodaí walks in and sits by the couch next to the poorly drawn fire * Trodaí : Oh Hi, I didn't see you there, I was just reading.. * he picks up a book titled "How not be generic and bad at promos" * oh well this old thing * he throws it...
  3. S

    Stone Cold is Gold

    This is awesome. I miss these days, really fun to watch through again though. Sure @Dolph'sZiggler will appreciate an Austin promo.