1. WrestleRacer91

    Games The Last of Us (Part II) Discussion Thread

    Debut Trailer Teaser Trailer #2 Gameplay Trailer 2018
  2. WrestleRacer91

    Games Days Gone (PS4 Exclusive) Game Thread

  3. WrestleRacer91

    Games Anthem Hype Thread

    Anybody hyped for this game?
  4. Lackin

    WWE 2K19 Officially Announced

    SOURCE - 'WWE 2K19' Officially Announced For Late 2018 The logo was always gonna look like this, however, the background is very similar to the WWE13 GFX so possible Attitude Era theme?
  5. Filet-o-Fish

    OOC Dirtsheet Thread

    Dirtsheet Thread - This is the dirtsheet thread. For the 2K18 league, we decided to make this thread for a few reasons. One, you can report of all the ongoings and speculation about your character and second, it saves people making posts in the backstage thread about reports involving your...
  6. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Star Wars Battlefront II Thread

    The multiplayer open beta is currently going on till the 9th. Anyone here checking that out and wanna squad up? I'm on PC and the game apparently looks beautiful, can't wait to jump in later today! Tagging the gaming squad! @Solidus @Solid Snake @Botchie
  7. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Your most anticipated game of 2017

    So I was wondering, which would be the game you all are most excited to play and can't wait to get your hands on in 2017! For me its... It's a clear winner with Read Ded Redemption 2. I hate rockstar and what they stand for but I love that series. Tops my list wiithout a doubt! What about you?
  8. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Nier: Automata.

    Nier Automata is an action RPG out for PS4 and PC that takes place in a post apocalyptic world where Humans seek to take back Earth from alien robots. Instead of fighting themselves, they make hot waifu Androids do all the work. I..I love this game. It's so damn fun, the ONLY complaint I have...
  9. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Game Sales Thread

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread we can put all the sales into, even weekly deals that we think the community would like, covering all the systems (PC, PS Store and Xbox Live). This is the current Xbox countdown sale (week 2) Playstation End of the Year Sale For PC there's also...
  10. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Dishonored 2

    For those who aren't familiar Dishonored is a first-person stealth-action game published by Bethesda and Developed by Arkane Studios. Dishonored 2 released early last month to positive reviews. The game takes place 15 years after the first introducing a new playable character, a new villain, and...
  11. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Black Friday Deals

    Thought we needed a thread that had all the deals we can find for black friday. The Black Friday week for Xbox store started today and these are the deals (all digital downloads), Xbox One (United Kingdom) Ark: Scorched Earth - GBP 11.99 (Save 25%) Price History Ark: Survival Evolved - GBP...
  12. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games PS4 Pro release date.

    For fellow PS4 owners and anyone else that cares. PS4 Pro's 80s-Inspired Ad Touts Totally Fresh Graphics This is waaaaaaaaaay too damn early.
  13. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Paragon

    Paragon Paragon is a third-person(ish) Moba created by Epic games that has been free to play since march of this year. It's available on PC and PS4 and's free, completely free. Free is nice. I would assume the game play is very similar to that of other Moba's (this is my first so I...
  14. RedDwarfTechy

    Games Red Dead Redemption 2 Thread

    Here's the trailer we were waiting for. Any ideas on where the setting could be? Doesn't seem like the same place as before. There's strong rumours that it's supposed to be a prequel too, but you know #Rumours.
  15. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Ni-oh Discussion Thread

    You like the soul crushing difficulty of Dark Souls? Do you also like feudal Japan and or Samurai shit--anime in general? well do I have the game for you... So the Beta came out like a week ago and I downloaded it and I had a good time. The best way to describe this game is that it's Dark...
  16. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games Xbox Outsells Playstation

    Xbox One sales jump 75% following Xbox One S release I don't have a 4k anything, hell I don't even really know what 4k is! I just like playing video games lol. But that's the biggest selling point for the new wave of consoles coming and the reason the Xbone slim is doing well. Good for...
  17. ¡Tranquilo!

    Games SOULSBORNE Discussion Thread.

    A Thread to discuss any of these games. Currently making my way through Bloodborne dont know if i'll ever get around to any three of the DarkSouls games though.
  18. ShaRpY HaRdY

    WWE 2k15 delay for Current Gen Consoles

    The 2015 version of the WWE 2K games that was slated to release on October 28th of this year has been officially delayed.. since it has to keep along a timeline the delay isn't too long and it will only affect the current generation systems; PS4/X-Box One.. The new release date after the delay...