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    Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: ROSTERS

    Valley View Victinis: Victini, Mega Diancie, Celesteela, Hippowdon, Starmie, Tornadus, Galvantula, Tyrantrum, Florges, Uxie, Spiritomb, Hariyama, Firium Z (view team thread) Toronto Bidoofs: Landorus-Therian, Jirachi, Scolipede, Mega Altaria, Volcanion, Rotom-Wash, Umbreon, Dhelmise, Machamp...
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    Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: TOP K/Os

    Pokemon - Team - Number of K/Os Clefable - Perrysburg Persians - 5 Garchomp - Ever Grande Eevees - 3 Galvantula - Valley View Victinis - 2 Celesteela - Valley View Victinis - 2 Volcanion - Toronto Bidoofs - 2 Metagross - Ever Grande Eevees - 2 Mega Diancie - Valley View Victinis - 1 Tornadus...
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    Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: SCHEDULE

    VIEW FULL SCHEDULE: CLICK HERE NEXT MATCHES Jan 6th - Jan 12th Perrysburg Persians vs Ipswich Infernapes ----- Nagasaki Ninetails vs Ever Grande Eevees ----- Valley View Victinis vs Harlem Magikarps ----- Toronto Bidoofs vs Goldenrod City Growlithes ----- San Diego Pikachus vs Lavender Town...
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    Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: CHAT

    Discussion for PSL season 2! USEFUL LINKS League Participants
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    Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: DRAFT

    Please read the entire thread to know rules, format and ban list! This is a snake draft. Order will go team A to team J, then team J drafts again and back down to team A. This order will not change until the draft is finished. We will be drafting from 4 tiers. OU, UU, RU and NU. You may draft...
  6. Solid Snake

    The Perrysburg Persians

    ⇜ Coached by @Solid Snake ⇝ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ TEAM: North Korea Clefable[FAIRY] Tapoo Cocoa Tapu Koko[ELECTRIC][FAIRY] Ramon Tangrowth[GRASS] Krampuss Mega Sceptile[GRASS][DRAGON] Reagmaster Forretress[BUG][STEEL] Pupperoni Arcanine[FIRE] Labrathor...
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    Pokemon Showdown League Season 2: TEAM SUBMISSION

    Enter your team for PSL Season 2 here! Team name format: [City/State Name] <Pokemon name> - Example: Montana Medichams Copy the form below and add your information. Team Name: Team Logo:
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    Season 1 Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 TRADING

    This is your one and only opportunity to trade Pokemon for season 1. RULES/INFO FREE AGENT SWAPS - You get ONE free agent swap. This is where you swap one of your Pokemon for another which was not drafted. Any tier changes from the draft to now are ignored. If want to swap a Pokemon which was...
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    Season 1 Valley View Victinis

    This is the information and results thread for the Valley View Victinis, coached by me, Solidus. THE TEAM MEGA GARDEVOIR (Titania) VICTINI (Victory) CONKELDURR (Atlas) SNORLAX (Joey) KYUREM (Basilisk) EMPOLEON (Poseidon)...
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    Season 1 Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 MVP'S

    This is a list of the top 10 Pokemon with the most kills in season 1! 1 MEGA GARDEVOIR (13 kills) - VALLEY VIEW VICTINIS - @Solidus 2 MANAPHY (10 kills) - VERMILION CITY PIKACHUS - @deth 3 TALONFLAME (10 kills) - NEW JERSEY ELECTABUZZ - @Zach 4 HONCHKROW (9 kills) - HAVERFORD HONCHKROWS -...
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    Season 1 Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 SCHEDULE

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    Season 1 Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 DRAFT

    HOW THE DRAFT WORKS: This is a snake draft. We each take turns to choose a Pokemon, and after everyone has chosen, we start again in reverse until we have 3 Pokemon from each tier. Here's an example of a snake draft, As you can see in this example, team J is the 10th and last team, so they...
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    Season 1 Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 TEAMS

    A list of teams competing in the Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) for season 1! Team Name: Valley View Victinis Leader: @Solidus Showdown Username: mgsolidus Pokemon: MEGA GARDEVOIR, CONKELDURR, VICTINI, SNORLAX, KYUREM, EMPOLEON, EELEKTROSS, COFAGRIGUS, AMOONGUSS, SWELLOW, MILTANK, LEAVANNY...
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    Season 1 Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 DISCUSSION

    For discussion and questions on the PSL! :woods:
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    Season 1 Pokemon Showdown League (PSL) Season 1 TEAM SUBMISSION

    Welcome all to season 1 of the Pokemon Showdown League (PSL)! This will be an ongoing league of competitive Pokemon battles, all taking place on Pokemon Showdown! Pokemon Showdown is free for everyone, just choose Pokemon and play! WHAT IS THE POKEMON SHOWDOWN LEAGUE? The PSL is for...