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  1. white crow

    Wrestler Rating Series #7 - Randy Orton

    I am kinda forced to make this one right now cause the two fine gentlemen are arguing about Orton on Kane's WRS. Advice credit: muh man @Seto-san I think Orton was and is undisputedly talented in-ring. You may say that his moveset is boring, but he sure knows how to perform all heavyweight...
  2. wrestlingnetworktv

    New User

    hi i am an old wrestling fan looking here some great wrestling fans
  3. S

    SummerSlam Rusev - "Nobody can beat me!" (insert snake)

    So now we have another match confirmed. Seems a bit random to say the least BUT I will give it the benefit of the doubt because I do like Rusev. Problem is, I am not sure he will actually win this. It is just a singles match but still... I don't want to see Randy Orton win. What are your...
  4. S

    Money in the Bank Will Jinder Retain?

    Jinder Mahal is set to take on Randy Orton again in a singles match. A lot of people were surprised by his win and most didn't see it coming. Will Jinder retain or will this be another case of hot-potato?
  5. I beat It

    Payback How the Orton/Wyatt Match Will Start

    interesting the creative team thought something out beforehand.
  6. I beat It


    That is saying the very least. The WWE has a PPV on Sunday and I DONT CARE if its Raws PPV but to build excitement for the COMPANIES PPV I thought SDL could put on a good Episode, IT DIDN'T. Neither was Raws garbage from last night. WWE being very content with this slow build until Paybacks...
  7. El Curry

    Randy Orton 'Refuses' To Wrestle Bray Wyatt - WWE Book Battle Royal To Determine Number 1 Contender

    Wow this is interesting I was annoyed when Wyatt didn't win the RR since I believed it would be better to have Wyatt win the RR, Orton win at EC then Wyatt has his WM moment, but I guess they didn't do that because they do have greater plans as we see here. My only concern is that Orton is...
  8. Joseph86

    7 Babyfaces WWE Fans Couldnt Stand And Were Turned Heel

    7 Babyfaces WWE Fans Couldnt Stand And Were Turned Heel
  9. S

    No Mercy Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton... AGAIN?

    source :hhh4:
  10. S

    What REALLY happened with Randy Orton

    "We've reported how the finish to Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam went as planned for the most part. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that the idea behind the match was to create a scenario where nobody knew where reality ended and where people thought Lesnar was going...
  11. S

    SummerSlam WWE SummerSlam 2016 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    Click the SummerSlam logo to play! Prizes Winner: $1500 forum cash and 3 months Legend membership Runner-up: $750 forum cash 3rd place: $500 forum cash
  12. Dirtsheet

    DDP On What Feud Could Bring Him Back To WWE, Sting Getting Injured, Seth Rollins Praise, More

    As seen above, Bill Apter of 1wrestling.com recently spoke with Diamond Dallas Page to promote the new "Resurrection of Jake Roberts" documentary and more. Below are some highlights: * Apter asked about Sting's injury and match at WWE Night of Champions and Page said he thinks it's great Sting...
  13. C.M. Shaddix

    Let's go back to 2011: Christian

    Around Calculus class today I was thinking of interesting topics of discussion for the forums. (Yeah Calc... where else eh?) One things that drew attention to my mind was Christian in 2011, and how badly the writers just fucked up and just ignored out voice on how Christian should've been in...
  14. azad2015

    Happy birthday randy orton

    The viper... The predator. Its his birthday..don't forget to wish him...
  15. Karen Marie Shelton

    - Randy Orton Pulled Over By Florida Highway Patrol

    Randy Orton revealed on Instagram that he got pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol today for his tinted windows. He posted the following: “Really? Again? You’d think the State Hwy Patrol would have bigger fish to fry then me and my overly tinted windows.”