randy savage

  1. MachoFan91189

    Ooooooooh Yeah!!!!

    I am The Macho Fan Dig It! The very first time I saw Randy Savage hit the ring and drop the elbow I was hooked Ohhhh Yeah! I watched as he jumped ship to WcW and joined both versions of the nWo.
  2. Joseph86

    13 Wrestlers Crushed By Vince McMahon - Wrestlers Vince Hated The Most

    Throughout his run as the chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon has seen his fair share of ups and downs. Former wrestlers have either loved McMahon like a father, or despised the way he did business with them. Despite some of the displeasures, McMahon has managed to keep a close relationship with...
  3. Farooq

    Music Be a Man album by Randy Savage

    Not sure how many people know about this, but Randy Savage made a rap album long ago :yes: This album is gold.