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    Smackdown & Raw 5/2/2017 review

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    this wek in wresting 4/28/217

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    Smackdown & Raw review

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    week of wrestling 4/16/2017

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    News Raw review 2/20/2017

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    News my thoughts on this weeks wwe

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    thoughts on this weeks wrestling

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    Fastlane I hated wwe fastlane

    it was the poorest ppv ever sasha bank should of gotten dq goldberg vs ko was all hype for nothing i got a few other things in this ppv
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    SPOILER! Raw Review 2/28/2017

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    My Thoughts on RAW 2/13/2017

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    my wwe review 2/6/2017

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    My Smackdown Review

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    SPOILER! Raw 12/19/2016 review

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    TLC my TLC predictions

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    TLC Im going TLC

    well folks i will be at wwe's tlc in my city dallas at the aa center and i will give you my few cents on this upcoming ppv