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    My Smackdown review 10/25/2016

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    Former Midget WWE star shoots

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    Other My Interview with Allie Parker

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    WWE Cruiserweight Classic Rant

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    a week in wrestling rant

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    SummerSlam SUmmerSlam Rant

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    MY rant on the WWE DRAFT

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    Battle of the WWE brands

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    another wwe RANT

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    Paul Heyman Challenges Donald J Trump

    :heyman2:Paul Heyman will be heading to Scotland to do three one-man shows in London, Manchester and Glasgow for Inside The Ropes. Ahead of those event Paul has challenged WWE Hall of Famer and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump to a debate in Scotland about everything from Brexit to golf...
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    the King Replaced by David Otunga

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    wwe money in the bank rant

    this is my full rant on wwe money in the bank 2016 the good the bad and the ugly
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    Chris Jericho ranting

    Maybe some of you marks have heard this rant already but damn, I loved it. @Aids Johnson