1. Wrasslemaniac

    "The Guy" - Help needed

    Hey folks, Back again looking for some thoughts and comments for a bonus episode of my podcast i will hopefully record this week. The episode is spinning off from my episode of "you call it" where i was asked to look at a debuting John Cena and provide my thoughts on green cena vs cenation...
  2. S

    Battleground Reigns/Wyatt - Battleground 2015

    Who's winning this one you think? I got Wyatt taking this with Reigns redeeming himself at Summerslam. Though I'd probably prefer if Reigns won just to end this feud already, Wyatt isn't fun any more...
  3. RedDwarfTechy

    What could Triple H's big Raw Announcement be?

    Triple H came out on SmackDown and said he has an announcement that will 'shake the core of the WWE Universe'. What do you guys think it will be? It's promo'd as if it will be regarding Reigns/Rumble result. Maybe Reigns joins the authority? :nope:
  4. S

    Reigns as a Heyman guy

    So Brock is on his way out soon. Assuming Reigns is the man to take the title from him, would it then make sense (or would you like it) to have Heyman be Roman's manager? He's not the best mic worker so having Heyman could work if WWE want Reigns at the top for a while. Would Reigns turn heel...