1. WholeFN'Moe

    News Would Punk still get a pop if he returned?

    I was sitting here arguing with a buddy & he said if Punk returned tomorrow he would get an "even bigger" pop than he would've received before the fight. I'm not so sure about that... I mean, I won't deny it, if he would have been #30 at the Rumble LAST YEAR, with Roman being the guy in the...
  2. Jon

    News Paige Returning to WWE soon

    Paige has recently tweeted her at the WWE performance center and WWE tweeted about Paige saying she might come back also there are rumors going around that Paige will be on Smackdown ()
  3. Jon

    How would you book Bayleys Return

    So when Bayley does return I would have here come out to cut a promo with her hair down and the crowd might cheer its's like a 50/50 chance ,but if they cheer she should turn heel and say "Oh shut up all of you you all booed me last time and now you cheer for me what is wrong with you" ,but if...
  4. Mamba Wolf Maniax

    AMA AMA - Ask Maniax Anything

    Now that I'm back on the site for the first time in three somewhat years, (knowing I still had my account here), didn't know what happened, its time for people to get to know me again, with that in mind, ask me anything, I will accept both serious and funny questions.
  5. Aztecwarrior480

    News How do you feel about the Raw opener?

    Shane McMahon's Return Marred By Shocking Match Against The Undertaker As much as I love Shane, I honestly don't want to see him make his in-the-ring return at the expense of The Undertaker's Legacy and possible retirement. If anything, I'd rather see Shane vs Triple H vs Roman Reigns in a...
  6. Dirtsheet

    Chris Jericho Teases Full-Time Return

    After taking an over one-year long hiatus from WWE, Chris Jericho returned to WWE in early 2012. However, he has not been a full-time member of WWE roster at any point since. His stints on WWE television have lasted everywhere from six months to one-off special appearances. But if fans are...
  7. Tumbas' #1 Fan

    Triumphant Return at Live Event!

    Brad Maddox came back at #WWEMacon yesterday. After gathering information from the TwitterSphere: He came out and cut a promo about how the WWE made him an offer to come back but he has to start at the bottom and make his way up to the top. He got cut off by Ryder which actually got a pop...
  8. ShaRpY HaRdY

    News Dean Ambrose return update

    So I've been hearing some buzz about Dean Ambrose and his return date, there was a decent bit of speculation that he was going to show up at Night of Champions after previously being advertised for the show. However Bridgestone Arena is no longer being listed in the advertisement for that...