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    News WWE RAW 12/18/17 Results & Review

  2. C

    Other That Match Review thread(7 star option available )

    We have had a few threads like this in the past where we review a a set limit of matches over a given period of time like a month or a year.I like the idea of reviewing matches on here from whatever promotion but did not like the challenge aspect of it as it becomes a chore and takes the fun...
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    Raw Podcast Reaction 9/11/2017

  4. Fair Fight Wrestling

    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy Classic Match Review

    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy #WWE The Bash 2009 - Be Kind, Rewind Classic Match Review
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    Smackdown & Raw review

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    News Raw review 2/20/2017

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    My thoughts on raw 1/23/2017

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    SPOILER! Raw 12/19/2016 review

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    Tribute to the troops review

  10. TPGWLW

    TPGWLW - Ep 2 - WWE Review (12/1/15 - 16/1/15)

    Dear Sir/Madam, Please find enclosed my latest review of WWE programming, in a week where Seth Rollins comes into his own, I make a bet I'll immediately regret and the first Hall of Fame inductee is announced. Yours Sincerely, The Posh Guy Who Likes Wrestling
  11. Solidus

    Article Writers

    Who would be interested in writing wrestling related articles here? It'd be a great way to get some high quality content on here, and for you to show off your writing. I have a full-blown article system with a pinterest (similar to our gallery) style layout, and I think it could be the new...