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    News WWE RAW 12/18/17 Results & Review


    Other That Match Review thread(7 star option available )

    We have had a few threads like this in the past where we review a a set limit of matches over a given period of time like a month or a year.I like the idea of reviewing matches on here from whatever promotion but did not like the challenge aspect of it as it becomes a chore and takes the fun...
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    Raw Podcast Reaction 9/11/2017

  4. Fair Fight Wrestling

    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy Classic Match Review

    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy #WWE The Bash 2009 - Be Kind, Rewind Classic Match Review
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    News Smackdown Review podcast 5/17/2017

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    Smackdown & Raw review

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    News Raw review 2/20/2017

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    My thoughts on raw 1/23/2017

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    SPOILER! Raw 12/19/2016 review

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    Tribute to the troops review

  11. TPGWLW

    TPGWLW - Ep 2 - WWE Review (12/1/15 - 16/1/15)

    Dear Sir/Madam, Please find enclosed my latest review of WWE programming, in a week where Seth Rollins comes into his own, I make a bet I'll immediately regret and the first Hall of Fame inductee is announced. Yours Sincerely, The Posh Guy Who Likes Wrestling
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    Article Writers

    Who would be interested in writing wrestling related articles here? It'd be a great way to get some high quality content on here, and for you to show off your writing. I have a full-blown article system with a pinterest (similar to our gallery) style layout, and I think it could be the new...