1. wrestlingtracks

    My thoughts on the sudden Passing of Jimmy Snuka

  2. ShaRpY HaRdY

    Famous Celebs who passed away in 2016

    A few celebrities that were well known passed away this week, sparking me to create a list of those ones that are most memorable that will be missed. I know that's not all of them but damn that's a pretty memorable list.. if you have another one to add to the list of celebrities who received...
  3. Swift

    News ‘Heat dome’ set to envelope US with sizzling temperatures

    A ‘heat dome’ is sweeping across the US this weekend, bringing prolonged sweltering temperatures, expected to reach 15 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit above what’s normal for this time of the year. A ‘heat dome’ occurs when high pressure traps hot air underneath it and usually lasts a number of days...
  4. Swift

    News Giant Bangladesh earthquake could put 140mn lives at risk

    Up to 140 million lives could be at risk from a potentially massive earthquake in Bangladesh, according to a new study. The research found that pressure is building along a fault line situated underneath the most densely-populated nation on Earth. The research, published in the journal Nature...
  5. Swift

    News Last 10 Months Have Been The Worst Period For Floods AND The Worst Period For Fires In U.S. History

    As you read this article, the state of California is being ravaged by gigantic wildfires that are raging wildly out of control, and West Virginia is dealing with a “500 year flood”. Since last September, the U.S. has been hit by a series of 11 historic floods. Never before in American history...
  6. Swift

    News Land around the San Andreas fault is rising and sinking

    For the first time, scientists have produced a computer image showing huge sections of California rising and sinking around the San Andreas fault. The vertical movement is the result of seismic strain that will be ultimately released in a large earthquake. The San Andreas fault is...
  7. Neptune

    Joanie "Chyna" Laurer Passed Away At 45

    WWE legend Chyna -- real name Joanie Laurer -- has died ... this according to her management team Chyna was 45-years-old. Laurer was discovered at her home, according to A statement was posted to Chyna's official Twitter account confirming the death ... saying, "It is...