ronda rousey

  1. Geese

    MMA Ronda Rousey documentary

    A Ronda Rousey documentary will coming out on November 19 titled The Ronda Rousey Story: Through My Father's Eyes.
  2. PaulieGMMA

    How would Ronda do now if she went back to fighting?

    Ronda blessed us with almost a year of great wrestling and she was a great MMA fighter as well as Judoka. If Ronda went back to fighting now how do you think she would do against the current UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko?
  3. PaulieGMMA

    News Ronda Rousey smooshed by fans has to leave autograph signing :(((

    Check out this video of fans overcrowding Ronda Rousey and her being pushed up against the stage and has to leave.
  4. PaulieGMMA

    News Cris Cyborg keeps on calling out Ronda Rousey she wants her match with Ronda!!

    Cris Cyborg keeps on calling out Ronda Rousey she wants her match with Ronda!! Cyborg calls out Ronda Rousey in an old church and says she believes she wants Ronda or anyone even Nikki Bella. Do you want to see Ronda vs Cyborg in WWE? Thoughts on this?
  5. mma meltdown

    Rumor Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch Who wins?

    Battle of Women's Champions Ronda vs Becky Lynch who would win? It's the best of the best right now the Raw Champion Ronda vs The Smackdown Champion Becky. Both are the 1st champs of UFC & Smackdown.
  6. mma meltdown

    Charlote Flair vs Cris Cyborg

    Recently Cris Cyborg posted tweets about Ronda Rousey & that she is really the baddest woman on the planet. Cyborg feels like she's better then Ronda and wants a shot at WWE. How do you feel about this? Ronda & Cyborg Really hate each other and Cyborg will do anything to get her hands on...
  7. Paulie G

    Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair who wins?

    Ronda vs Charlotte might be the apex of female wrestling after all Ronda is the X-Strikeforce champion and UFC champion with a reign of 1074 days. Charlotte Flair is a 6 time WWE champion including a 1 time NXT, 4 time RAW, the first Women's champion and a Smackdown champ. Who would win between...
  8. garyp

    News Super Hot Ronda Rousey Weigh In YUM

    Ronda Rousey Hot Weigh In. 1-10? On Ronda's Weigh Ins?
  9. garyp

    MMA Ronda Rousey's Enemies Collide! Cyborg vs Nunes

    Rumors say this fight is signed! Cyborg the baddest woman on the planet a women who many feel Ronda ran from vs Amanda Nunes the woman who wrecked Ronda & retired her from MMA are going to battle. Who wins Cyborg or Nunes?
  10. garyp

    Will Ronda Rousey ever get her Revenge on Alexa Bliss?

    So we all saw it Alexa stole Ronda's opportunity to become the women's RAW champ. Ronda made a dumb move attacking the refs and Kurt Angle and now she may of lost her chance at the Goddess because Nia is facing her at Extreme Rules. Regardless if Ronda were to get a title shot agains Alexa...
  11. Paulie G

    Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella Who Wins?

    Who would win Ronda or Nikki if Nikki were to come back to WWE? Nikki was the longest running WWE Divas Champion and ran her reign for 301 days Ronda is UFC's longest reigning bantamweight champion. So who takes it? Also had to ask, who is hotter Ronda or Nikki?
  12. The Sheik

    Alexa Bliss as Women's Champion

    You know, Alexa Bliss winning the Women's Title at Money in the Bank was pretty hilarious... She just came off her 2 year reign of terror and a lot of people breathed a sigh of relief she's no longer champion, maybe takes a step back, and then she wins Money in the Bank and wins back the title...
  13. The Sheik

    Money in the Bank Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax announced for Money in the Bank.

    Ronda Rousey to challenge Nia Jax for the Raw Women’s Championship
  14. S

    Big News for Ronda Rousey

    So it was reported that my suggestion for Ronda Rousey will be happening which makes me wonder if she will be a heel. I just heard that Paul Heyman will indeed be involved in her transition from UFC to WWE. No word on him managing her yet but I am assuming this will end up being the case and I...
  15. S

    Royal Rumble Ronda Rousey To Debut At The Women's Royal Rumble

    A lot of buzz has been going around with Ronda Rousey and the WWE and I think the news is finally here on what we can expect in the near future. Ronda has just met again with WWE executives again which is pointing to the rumor of her debut happening at the Women's Royal Rumble match. This to me...
  16. Joseph86

    WrestleMania Planned Storylines/Matches That Didn’t Take OFF For WrestleMania 32

    Planned Storylines/Matches That Didn’t Take OFF For WrestleMania 32