royal rumble

  1. FlandyOrton

    Who will face Drew Mcintyre at WM

    If you had to say right now... who do you think Drew Mcintyre will face at WrestleMania 37. Emphasis on "think" not want. I know alot of us want Big E to face Roman for instance but how often does Vince give us what we want these days? Roman vs Drew was a great match. Brock is going to be on...
  2. FlandyOrton

    Any thoughts, hopes, predictions?

    aaw I came back to this site to talk about wrestling and nobody is here 😥 haha I actually always thought this was an underrated site & deserved more of a community/traffic. That being said, anybody wanna talk about the Royal Rumble?! Anything at all... hopes, even if they're impossible, fun...
  3. S

    WWE Royal Rumble 2020 LIVE DISCUSSION

    WHEN United States: Sunday Evening, January 26th, at 7PM EST/6PM CST on the WWE Network United Kingdom: Monday Morning, January 27th, at 12AM on the WWE Network WHERE Somewhere PREVIEW See full match details on JOINING THE LIVE DISCUSSION Use the chat page or click the chat bar at...
  4. Z

    Zees Belts

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  5. AjstylesORG

    News WWE TLC 2020 leaked winners

    If you want to know whose going to win at WWE TLC 2020 . Then CLICK HERE to know WWE TLC 2020 winners
  6. S

    Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble 2019 LIVE DISCUSSION

    WHEN United States: Sunday Evening, January 27th, at 7pm EST/6pm CST on the WWE Network United Kingdom: Monday Morning, January 28th, at 12AM on the WWE Network WHERE Phoenix, Arizona PREVIEW See full match details on JOINING THE LIVE DISCUSSION Use the chat page or click the chat...
  7. S

    Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble 2019 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    PRIZES Winner: $2000 forum cash Runner-up: $1000 forum cash
  8. The Sheik

    Are you guys looking forward to this Greatest Royal Rumble show?

    This is a very unique show they're putting on. Saudi Arabia is paying a lot for them to do this show. There's 7 title matches I believe, John Cena vs. Triple H, Undertaker in a casket match, a ladder match, and a 50 man Royal Rumble. I'm not looking forward to the length of the show but it...
  9. S

    WrestleMania Thoughts on the "Road to Wrestlemania"?

    Since the Royal Rumble has happened, it has officially started the "Road to Wrestlemania". What are your thoughts as of now based on what happened last night at the Royal Rumble? Do you have high hopes that WM will be a solid 10 out of 10? Any predictions? Share your thoughts!
  10. S

    Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble 2018 PREDICTIONS CONTEST

    PRIZES Winner: $1500 forum cash Runner-up: $1000 forum cash 3rd Place: $500 forum cash BONUSES 10+ points: $250 forum cash
  11. bullyballmm

    Royal Rumble Bobby Roode US Open Challenge

    Who do we think will/should challenge Roode on the preshow for the title? I want it to be a cocky Miz (might as well take advantage of the fact that it is a cross-brand PPV), but it would probably just be Ziggler (ugh). Gib thoughts please
  12. M

    Royal Rumble WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Entry Predictions, 30 Men's Predictable

    WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Entry Predictions, 30 Men's Predictable, don't no its confirm or not but seems like they are 30's who will join. ;)
  13. S

    Royal Rumble 5 Possible Swerves [Women's RR Match]

    #5 – Bayley Will Eliminate Sasha Banks #4 – Nia Jax Will Have the Most Eliminations but Won’t Win #3 – Ember Moon Will Debut While Still NXT Champion #2 – Ronda Rousey Will Debut and Eliminate a Major Star #1 – Kharma Will Return to WWE Source Bayley eliminating Sasha would be random but it...
  14. Crithu

    Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Bingo

    It's that time of the year again, and as we get ready to kick off the road to Wrestlemania, its time for another edition of Bingo, or in this case, Rumble Bingo! Due to some technical issues, @The Reagmaster is not able to this, so I will be helping out until he can return (just like a good...
  15. S

    Royal Rumble WWE Forums Royal Rumble 2018 LOTTERY (Women)

    HOW IT WORKS Choose an available number between 1 and 30. If the wrestler who entered with your chosen number wins the Royal Rumble, you win the prize! PRIZES Winner: $1500 forum cash & 1 month Legend membership 2nd place: $1000 forum cash 3rd place: $750 forum cash 4th place: $500 forum cash...
  16. S

    Royal Rumble The United States Championship tournament

    As of right now we have seen some matches take place. Jinder Mahal took out Tye Dillinger Xavier Woods took out Aiden English Bobby Roode took out Baron Corbin Still waiting on the results of Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley Who do you think will be the final two to face off at the Royal Rumble...
  17. S

    Royal Rumble Chance of Daniel Bryan Returning

    Reading over rumors and speculations, many wrestlers have been named as surprise entrants but one name that seems to be coming up a lot right now is Daniel Bryan. He has yet to be cleared by WWE but has had many doctors on his own terms say he can wrestle again. As far as shock value, if they...
  18. S

    Royal Rumble Current Entrants

    Men’s 18/30 ⦿ Elias ⦿ Randy Orton ⦿ Shinsuke Nakamura ⦿ John Cena ⦿ Finn Balor ⦿ Baron Corbin ⦿ Matt Hardy ⦿ Bray Wyatt ⦿ Samoa Joe ⦿ Rusev ⦿ Aiden English ⦿ Apollo Crews ⦿ Titus O'Neil ⦿ The Miz ⦿ Tye Dillinger ⦿ Kofi Kingston ⦿ Big E ⦿ Xavier Woods Women’s 18/30 ⦿ Naomi ⦿ Asuka ⦿ Ruby Riott...
  19. S

    Royal Rumble Royal Rumble Entrants & Winners Past

    Royal Rumble Entrance & Elimination Information Last Year: Thought this might come in handy for anyone who likes to read up on statistics. It shows all the entrants, their numbers, times and who won. Feel free to discuss anything pertaining to the past RR events and how it looks for the...
  20. S

    Royal Rumble WWE advertisement suggests the RR winner will be from RAW

    The Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, which will host SmackDown's Fastlane pay-per-view on March 11, 2018, apparently spoiled the show's main event (and the outcome of the Royal Rumble match) with its advertisement for Fastlane's WWE title match: See your favorite WWE Smackdown Superstars in...