1. bullyballmm

    WrestleMania ARMBAR Predictions

    Comment who you think a) Will win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale, and b) Who NEEDS to win the ARMBAR. I'll start: Who I think will win - Rusev. They are going to give the fans something to make them happy. Rusev is slated for a push after WM anyway. Who needs it? Corbin. He has won...
  2. S

    Clash of Champions Fatal 4 Way Tag Match - Thoughts?

    So Ruru and Aiden being added to this match makes it interesting. I did not see it coming really. What are your thoughts on this match? Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win? I have to say I would prefer the Usos to either retain or Rusev and Aiden to win. I am bored of the New Day...
  3. Jon

    Who has Heat WWE Backstage heat?

    One of the most talked about ones if Enzo Amore for bragging about money and bringing questionable guests backstage, But intead of Firing or demoting him to NXT since he sells a lot of merchandise he is going into the shark cage since he is scared of heights as punishment. Also Mike Kanellis...
  4. S

    SummerSlam Rusev - "Nobody can beat me!" (insert snake)

    So now we have another match confirmed. Seems a bit random to say the least BUT I will give it the benefit of the doubt because I do like Rusev. Problem is, I am not sure he will actually win this. It is just a singles match but still... I don't want to see Randy Orton win. What are your...
  5. S

    Rusev's New Haircut + Taking Time Off (?)

    Check this out, pretty nice haircut I say. Also, Rusev tweeted this: Is he taking 30 days off from WWE as well?
  6. S

    Hell in a Cell Big Bear vs Strong Bear

    aka... Roman Reigns vs Rusev I am a fan of Rusev. I think he is one of the best wrasslers that are "bulky" (another example is KO). The thing that still puzzles the crap out of me is... He fights for the honor of his wife, protects her, shows compassion for her and all that YET he is the heel...
  7. Joseph86

    15 Active Wrestlers Who Lost Their Push in WWE

    15 Active Wrestlers Who Lost Their Push in WWE
  8. CM Punk

    Once Rusev Loses, There Isn't Much To Him

    His character is very one dimensional. Basically when his streak is broken, there isn't much to him. That's the bad part about him. Even if they decide to go face, you can't do much with him. He's not much of a speaker or a looker. His character might work better if it wasn't surrounded around...
  9. ShaRpY HaRdY

    Night of Champions Mark Henry or Rusev?

    In the battle of big bad asses who do you think is going to win this match and why do you think that person is going to win this match at Night of Champions? Personally I got Rusev winning it, I don't believe Mark Henry will be the one to end the momentum that Rusev currently has..